Why Fat Free Diets Don't Work

Why Fat Free Diets Don't Work

It's like nails down a chalkboard when I hear it like it's a good thing. Fat free diets aren't a good thing. Here's why fat free diets don't work. Rice cakes, toast with jam, air-popped popcorn with nothing on it, fat free crackers and cookies. Skinny this, skinny that.
Here are a few good reasons to add a little fat into your diet.

1) Fat free diets make it difficult for your body to absorb vitamins A, D, K & E. If you're eating foods that are rich in these vitamins, or taking a supplement with these vitamins, eat it with a healthy fat, like almonds, an egg or a little avocado. All of these vitamins help keep our bones strong and metabolism functioning properly.

2) Fat free diets will NOT help fight the aging process. While not all of us need a lot of fat in our diet, getting an adequate
amount will help keep us younger on a cellular level, but also younger-looking, too...by keeping our skin supple (think anti-wrinkle).

3) Fat free diets generally lead to rebounding weight gain. If you lost weight by eating rice cakes and grapefruit, it's highly likely you will gain MORE weight than you lost. Our bodies are amazing and will find ways to store fat if we don't give it what it needs.

Some of us need a little fat (low fat diet), and some of us thrive on a higher fat/higher protein diet. Listen to your body - and above all EAT CLEAN.

My favorite fat is coconut oil. It's a type of fat that gets pushed to energy quickly (a lot of athletes cook with this fat). I add it to almost everything I cook, at least once a day. Yes, it's saturated, but contains NO cholesterol.

Other healthy fats include:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Butter & Dairy (for some, particularly Apple types)

Fats to steer clear of:

Corn Oil
Canola Oil
Soybean Oil

When these three are exposed to light, air or heat, they oxidize very fast, releasing free radicals. Free radicals do to our body what rust does to a car.

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