Lose 5 Pounds Easily

couple jogging at parkNeed to lose 5 pounds? Here are a few ways to do it without making much of an effort. Really think about what you eat. By cutting out just a little bit of the "extra" stuff your body really doesn't need, or making a little more effort with activity could translate to a caloric savings equivalent to 5 pounds over one year without doing much at all.

50 Calorie Foods
Below are a few foods that are worth 50 calories. Cut back on the quantities of these commonly eaten foods and shave off 5 pounds over one year easily. Just make sure you're not adding other foods back in to compensate for them!

  • 1/4 c. rice (brown or white)
  • 1/2 slice of toast/bread (most varieties)
  • 1/2 c. cereal
  • 4 tortilla chips (that's it...scary!)
  • 12 jelly beans
  • 14 M & Ms

OR you could get active and exercise off 50 calories this way:

50 Calorie Exercises
Give your body a hand by making an extra effort for a few minutes each and every day.

  • 3 extra minutes of running (fast)
  • 5 extra minutes of jumping rope
  • 6 extra minutes of jogging (easy)
  • 7 extra minutes of swimming
  • 9 extra minutes of indoor cycling (upright bike)
  • 11 extra minutes of walking briskly

Caloric burn is based on exercises done by a 150 pound person over one year. If you weigh less, you usually burn less, if you weigh more, you usually burn more.

Lose 10 Pounds
Combine both food and exercise elements and lose 10 pounds! The changes really aren't difficult and require minimal commitment. By making just a couple healthy changes, you could see great results.

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