The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Gift Guide | Day 28 | The Grid Foam Roller

Need help finding a healthy gift for the holidays? From November 12th through December 12th, I will be featuring great fitness-related gift ideas- stocking stuffers and beyond! I've searched long and hard for gifts that fit the bill for people who like to exercise and appreciate fitness!

Day 28 | The Grid Foam Roller

Feeling sore or tight? This product could be your new best friend.

Ideal Gift Candidate?

  • Anyone who needs a little extra help massaging out sore muscles.

What is it?

It's a foam roller that does a great job getting into relieving sore muscles and releasing tight myofascial tissue just about anywhere on the body. If you've never used a foam roller before, think of them as a tool that you lay on to help work out muscular knots. They're commonly used to massage out tight backs and hamstrings, or sore thighs and calves. The Grid has a hard plastic core (something unique in comparison to other foam rollers) which means you can put a lot of pressure into very specific parts of your body.

Why it made the list?

  • This particular foam roller is just over a foot long, making an easy travel companion.
  • The Grid is also¬†especially durable and long-lasting.

How much is it?

Where can I get it?
Any local running store, sporting good stores, or online.

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