The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Gift Guide | Day 16 | On Running Shoes

Need help finding a healthy gift for the holidays? From November 12th through December 12th, I will be featuring great fitness-related gift ideas- stocking stuffers and beyond! I've searched long and hard for gifts that fit the bill for people who like to exercise and appreciate fitness!

Running shoes can make or break a run...and if you don't get the right shoe, watch out! Lately, more and more companies are copping onto shoes that offer greater responsiveness and less support, letting feet and legs get strong - preventing injuries down the road.

Day 16 | On Running Shoes

Ideal Gift Candidate?

  • Runners of all levels who are graduating to a more sophisticated shoe that will help them perform better...and launch off the ground faster!

What is it?
On Running Shoes are a Swiss-designed shoe that incorporate innovative sole-cushioning that absorb vertical and horizontal forces. The shoe is very responsive, meaning you can really feel the ground under your feet despite the bubble-like sole.

Why it made the list?

  • The shoes are designed by the speed and/or weight of the runner, and not based on gate - or how the runner's foot hits the ground. I love this approach! There are four different "levels" of shoes, from easy-going recreational runners up to fast racers.
  • As mentioned above, the shoes is responsive and doesn't come stuffed with all sorts of rollbar support that for decades has been touted to help pronators or suppinators. (Personally, I don't buy into this anymore) The Ons let the runner feel the ground beneath them much more, while still providing a reasonable about of cushioning.
  • I've raced in the Cloudsurfer model - and really enjoyed running in them! This is coming from someone who is NOT a natural-born runner.

How much is it?
About $119 - $139
Nope, their not the cheapest shoes, but if there is one thing you should pay a little more for, it's shoes! Unhealthy feet = unhealthy body.

Where can I get it?
Online or locally:

Element MultiSport
2754 N. Clybourn
Chicago, IL

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