The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Gift Guide | Day 2 | Affirmats Yoga Mats

Sometimes a healthy gift can be hard to find. From November 12th through December 12th, I will be featuring  great fitness-related gift ideas for the holidays. I've searched long and hard for gifts that fit the bill for people who like to exercise and appreciate fitness! 


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Day 2 | Affirmats

You love yoga. You love you. You'll love these yoga mats.

Ideal Gift Candidate?
Yoga lovers who like doing their chaturangas on a pretty, durable mat that reflects positive affirmations.

What is it?
A yoga mat, of course! Affirmats come in three different colors with three different affirmations,  including:

  • Dark Chocolate (I am Healthy. I am Wealthy. I am Love.)
  • Natural (Look how pretty you are)
  • Turquoise (I am wonderfully made) <---I have this one, and love it!

Affirmats Yoga Mats
Why it made the list?
I really enjoy yoga, but have a problem with grip when my hands get sweaty. I don't like to slide and was on the search for a yoga mat that could handle a long, sweaty ashtanga class. Then one day Affirmats walked into my life. Not only are the mats great to work with, but they make me feel good, too. It's the one-two feel-good punch that put them on the list. After all, how can you not feel good when you're looking down at a phrase like "I am wonderfully made" through an entire yoga class.
How much does it cost?

Where can I get it ?
Buy Affirmats yoga mats right here.

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