The Ultimate Holiday Fitness Gift Guide | Day 10 | Active Kid Edition

Need help finding a healthy gift for the holidays? From November 12th through December 12th, I will be featuring great fitness-related gift ideas -stocking stuffers and beyond! I've searched long and hard for gifts that fit the bill for people who like to exercise and appreciate fitness!

Day 10 | The Building Blocks Toy Store Active Kid Edition

Staying healthy and active applies to kids just as much as it does adults. Here are a couple toys I found at Building Blocks, a Chicago-based small business that gives its heart and soul to making kids happy. Check out these two cool gifts for kids that will keep them moving and having fun. Both toys can be ordered online and include FREE gift wrapping.

Ideal Gift Candidate?

  • Kids that like to move around and have fun!

What is it?

Hop Squeak Pogo Jumper
Gift idea #1: Hop Squeak Pogo Jumper
Spooner Board
Gift idea #2: Spooner Board

Why it made the list?

  • Hop Squeak: It's a simple, safe and easy toy for kids to hop around on indoors or outside. It also helps kids greatly improve their balance!
  • Spooner Board: Kids can rock, slide, balance and wobble on a variety of surfaces while working on their balance and coordination.

How much is it?
Hop Squeak Pogo Jumper | $14.99
Spooner Board | $39.99

Where can I get it?

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Traci D Mitchell is a Chicago-based health and fitness writer and spokesperson. She's on-the-go everywhere trying out new and healthy things with a Chicago appeal. You can reach Traci through ChicagoNow, on Twitter @tracidmitchell or at



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