5 Ways to Workout While Waiting in Line to Vote! Yes, you can.

5 Ways to Workout While Waiting in Line to Vote! Yes, you can.

“Being able to do two things at once is a big part of success. I try to do abdominal exercises, isometrics, even when I’m at a meeting. Tensing… holding… and then releasing. I’ll even floss in the shower while the conditioner is in my hair, during the part when you’re supposed to leave it in. Those things can really add up to a significant time savings.” –Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon), The Informant

Who says you can't do two things at once? Making your body stronger and fitter while waiting to cast your vote for the next President of the United States probably isn't on the tip of your brain, but it can be done! Here are five tips to get into great shape while waiting in line at your polling station.

1) Squeeze Your Abs! Draw your belly button to your spine. Contract/release, contract/release. Think of them as vertical sit ups - no one will ever know.

2) Calf Raises! Come up onto the balls of your feet, then down onto your heels again. Repeat 30 reps for three or four sets. Work the burn, baby! Work the burn.

3) Stand on one leg. You don't need to look like a stork, but just elevate your foot on the opposite leg an inch or two. You'll work your balance and muscles through your quads and butt!

4) Pull your shoulder blades back. Think of pinching your shoulder blades together, then releasing. Strong back = good posture.

5) Ankle rolls. Your ankles are mobilizing joints. They help you move better when there is less junk in them. Rolling out your ankles helps loosen up the tissue surrounding the joints. You'll also be able to sprint home much easier after you cast your vote!


Traci D Mitchell is a Chicago-based health and fitness writer and spokesperson. She's on-the-go everywhere trying out new and healthy things with a Chicago appeal. You can reach Traci through ChicagoNow or www.tracidmitchell.com.



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