Meet Dan O'Brien and Biggest Losers at FitFest this November

Meet Dan O'Brien and Biggest Losers at FitFest this November
FitFest 2012

Chicago's got a new fitness trade show coming to town! FitFest will be hosted at  Chicago's Swissotel from November 1st through 3rd and will feature the latest in fitness equipment, continuing education programs for fitness instructors, contests and a great celebrity line up! FitFest is free to attend and open to the public.  Register here.

Who Will Be There?
Former Olympic decathlete, Dan O'Brien and two of the most motivating, inspiring people from season 11's Biggest Loser will be on hand to meet fitness enthusiasts from throughout the Midwest.
Dan O'Brien Clearing Hurdles
Dan O'Brien is still as committed as ever to health and fitness. It's hard to believe that it's been 16 years since he won gold at the Olympics in Atlanta. Time flies. Dan will be at FitFest giving all of us the scoop on a line of equipment, called BILT,  developed by fellow athlete, Andre Agassi and his trainer, Gil Reyes. He'll also be signing copies of his new book, Clearing Hurdles.

Marci & Courtney Crozier, the mother-daughter dynamic duo from season 11's Biggest Loser will be meeting fans throughout the event. Still as fit as ever, Courtney will announce the winners of the Courtney Crozier Calorie Challenge.
Biggest Loser Marci Crozier
Now through October 31st, Courtney is leading a team of people to burn 100,000 calories. She wants YOU to get active with her. The Courtney Crozier Calorie Challenge involves riding on an Expresso bike. Chances are that if you belong to a health club, there is a good chance a few Expresso bikes are sitting in with the rest of the cardio equipment. What makes them different from a traditional stationary bike is that you can interact with them. (Find out if your health club has an Expresso bike here). You login to your profile via an interactive screen to track your ride.

Courtney told me she’s really excited about the Calorie Challenge because “it keeps ALL of us accountable to reach our goals & to stay fit and healthy! There’s nothing like a group of people who can reach their goals together. I firmly believe you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it!” ‘Nuff said!

Biggest Loser Courtney Crozier
Join Team Courtney! Here’s how:

1) Create a free account here.
2) Find an Expresso bike.
3) Get on an Expresso bike (don’t forget to login!)
4) Ride as much as possible through October 31st.
5) Join us at the Swissotel to meet Courtney and Marci Crozier from The Biggest Loser and stick around to hear who the winners are! Register for FitFest here.

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