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Facebook: It’s All About Stress Relief

Facebook: It’s All About Stress Relief
Facebook has been around for awhile with most people I know actively posting or at least having a presence on the site. It has become a household name that has made Mr. Zuckerberg more money than he ever dreamed of. It will go down in history as one of the most innovative forms of communication... Read more »

(10) Tips for Dressing for Success: Develop Your Own Style

(10) Tips for Dressing for Success: Develop Your Own Style
Did you lose that job you interviewed for because of the way you were dressed? It’s possible that you did. With competition being fierce you need to pay attention to what you are wearing to your interview at Abbott, IBM, Ford or the networking group at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce.  Dress for Success We... Read more »

(5) Steps to Overcome the Loss of Your Job: Put your ego aside

Charlene Krombeen,LCPC Losing a job is a dreadful experience even if you saw it coming.   Whether it be a large company like IBM or a smaller boutique firm, the sense of fear and loss can be overwhelming, especially in this slow economy where the pace of hiring is anemic.   Before you start an active... Read more »

Job? What Job?: Chicagoans Celebrate the Blackhawks Stanley Cup at Rally

Chicago Blackhawks fan showed his love for Blackhawks player Kane today at the Chicago Blackhawks rally in celebration of winning the Stanley Cup! Looking around the city this morning you didn’t see many people dressed for work.  Their job or looking for employment in this difficult economy wasn’t on their mind.  The job search would... Read more »

Jobless Claims Largest in (3) Months: Finding a Job is full time work

The job losses continue as our stock portfolio’s take a hit. The latest jobless claims number for last week ending May 15, came out today with a surprise increase in claims: the largest in three months.  The Labor department said in its weekly report that jobless claims rose by 25,000 to 471,000. This information makes... Read more »