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Should You Have Your Own Reality Show?

Should You Have Your Own Reality Show?
  It seems these days that everyone is either watching or talking about Reality shows. They’ve seemed to have taken over TV programming over the past few years.  Yet, the first Reality Show, Reel World, was conceived almost 20 years ago and is still on MTV.  Are Reality Shows the easy path to fame and... Read more »

Venus Zine's Magazine Publisher Talks: Meet Sarah Beardsley

I always say that our careers are not a straight path.  One door closes and another one opens.  Where we plan is not necessarily were we end up in our careers.  The key to thriving and surviving your career is to reorganize and repackage your skills after a job lay-off. Sarah Beardsley-Publisher, Venus Zine magazine... Read more »

(5) Steps to Overcome the Loss of Your Job: Put your ego aside

Charlene Krombeen,LCPC Losing a job is a dreadful experience even if you saw it coming.   Whether it be a large company like IBM or a smaller boutique firm, the sense of fear and loss can be overwhelming, especially in this slow economy where the pace of hiring is anemic.   Before you start an active... Read more »