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Tips for Cold Calling for a Job

With our economy headed into a double-dip recession, with all economic indicators heading downward, this is going to be a challenging period for job hunters.  Yet, we all know that some people are getting jobs.  Are they better than you?  No, they’re just better at finding the jobs. When you have exhausted your personal contacts,... Read more »

Get a Job: Reinvent Your Career

Bruce Groeper-Survivor   Attention Job Hunters: To get a job in this economy you must be flexible and creative.  With unemployment numbers remaining high for years to come, you can’t wait to find a job, you’ll need to reinvent yourself by learning new skills for a new career.   Meet Bruce Groeper, a certified massage... Read more »

It's time to move to North Dakota for a job: 3.1% Unemployment is the lowest in U.S.

Fargo, North Dakota Take out your parkas! We may have to move to North Dakota for employment! At 3.1 % North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country as of April, 2010. With Illinois unemployment hovering at 10.8% it seems that job hunters should check out what job opportunities are available in this... Read more »

What not to put on your resume : Pay attention to what you write!

Jon Schultz-Executive Recruiter Is your resume keeping you from getting an interview for employment at Allstate, Wrigley and Hewitt?   It’s tough enough in this job market to get an  interview. Don’t let it hold you back from meeting with a hiring manager by sending in your paperwork filled with typos and phrases that just don’t make any... Read more »