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A Guaranteed Way to Find a Job! One Woman's Journey

I met with Dara O’Regan today to interview her for a blog for the company, B Organized, only to be intrigued by her success story in finding not only a job, but a new career in organization!  As I listened to her talk about what her company does, I was impressed with her enthusiasm about... Read more »

Where the Jobs Are: The Careers of Our Future

Where the Jobs Are: The Careers of Our Future
With the unemployment rate anticipated to remain high for the next six years as many economic experts have predicted, the question remains.  Just where will the jobs be as our economy slowly recovers?  And what can you do as a worker to prepare yourself to make sure you can survive your career?   First let’s... Read more »

Tips for the Perfect Job Search: Advice from Successful Job Seekers

Do you wonder why some of your friends with equal skills get a job they like quicker than you? Some people are just better at looking for a job than others.  It’s not that they are more talented than you are or have better skills, they are just better at focusing on getting what they... Read more »