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Thinking of Buying a Franchise?: Don't Miss This Free Seminar

Thinking of Buying a Franchise?: Don't Miss This Free Seminar
With the job market crawling like a turtle, some would-be employees are considering skipping their job search, entirely, and focusing on owning their own business.  Many are turning to franchises that have a built-in business model, established branding and support services to help them get started. One of the franchise industries leading Career & Franchise... Read more »

Increase in Jobs Report Surprise Analysts: Are Their Really More Jobs Out there?

Increase in Jobs Report Surprise Analysts: Are Their Really More Jobs Out there?
Increase in temporary employees Employers added a net of 151,000 jobs last month in October with the private sector job creation at its highest level since April.  This was a sharp contrast from the September report that showed a loss of 41,000 jobs.  So, is our economy actually getting better or is this a fluke?... Read more »

More jobs for IT Contract workers: Is business getting better?

IT Recruiter-Todd Harootyan The hiring of temporary IT workers is on the increase! So are IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Chase bank hiring temporary IT employees?  Is our economy really improving? Are there more jobs?   Increased hiring of temporary workers is typically a sign that an economy is getting better.  Economists watch these figures... Read more »

Job? What Job?: Chicagoans Celebrate the Blackhawks Stanley Cup at Rally

Chicago Blackhawks fan showed his love for Blackhawks player Kane today at the Chicago Blackhawks rally in celebration of winning the Stanley Cup! Looking around the city this morning you didn’t see many people dressed for work.  Their job or looking for employment in this difficult economy wasn’t on their mind.  The job search would... Read more »

(3) Steps for becoming a winner in the job market: Look at the Chicago Blackhawks

As a job hunter how can you become a winner in this job market and become employed? With the Chicago Blackhawks facing the fifth game of the finals, the city of Chicago and its fans are eagerly awaiting a win today. When the Blackhawks win, we all feel like winners. Their success is ours. But... Read more »

Dismal May Job Report: A Story of the "Haves" & "Have Nots"

The national unemployment rate for May fell to 9.7% from 9.9% last month, primarily as a direct result of the 411,000 temporary Census workers hires that pushed job creation in May to 431,000.  Only 20,000 jobs were added in the private sector. The number of unemployed persons was 15.0 million. Our economy is one of... Read more »

Finding the Hidden Job Market: Networking is key

In a job market with more qualified candidates than openings, you need to be smart in your job search.  Networking is key to finding a job.  There are many ways to network besides going to networking events that are often filled with unemployed or underemployed job seekers all looking for job leads.   As part... Read more »

Tips for the "Hidden" Job Market: Work Smart & Win Big

  Couldn’t help having a photo taken of me with the statues in Blackhawks jerseys in front of the Peninsula Hotel.  Just standing with them made me feel like a winner!  The Blackhawks haven’t been to the Stanley Cup playoffs since 1992.  Sometimes it takes a little longer to get what we want to life.   Every... Read more »