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What not to put on your resume : Pay attention to what you write!

Jon Schultz-Executive Recruiter Is your resume keeping you from getting an interview for employment at Allstate, Wrigley and Hewitt?   It’s tough enough in this job market to get an  interview. Don’t let it hold you back from meeting with a hiring manager by sending in your paperwork filled with typos and phrases that just don’t make any... Read more »

Interviewing for a job?: Tips for dealing with stress of waiting

Enjoy the day Another day passes without a call from IBM, Hyatt or Allstate.  You’ve been interviewing with these type of firms for 4 months and still don’t have a job offer. This is the life of a job hunter in this economy.  Your are approaching your 6th interview and still don’t have a commitment from... Read more »

Job Hunters: Are you spending too much time on Facebook?

Have you ever found employment at IBM, Hyatt or Allstate through a social website?  Do these sites really help you find work? Or are they a just a distraction? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others, may be helpful to get or stay connected to people, yet they can take time away from your job search.... Read more »