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Waiting for an Offer on a Job? (5) Tips to Make it Work for You

Waiting for an Offer on a Job? (5) Tips to Make it Work for You
We have all gone through the waiting period, where we finally get in for an interview for a job.  We meet with four or five people in the company.  They seem to like us and we are hopeful that we are going to get an offer for the position we applied for.  Then something happens... Read more »

Still out of work? Is it time to hire a professional?

Want a job at IBM, Google or Apple? Are you tired of being unemployed and reading blogs that tell you to get the latest book on getting a job or to check out websites that are already flooded with resumes of candidates like yourself and never lead to a job?    It’s time to start... Read more »

Help for Executives: Leadership Coaching

Apple, Microsoft and E-bay’s executives provide exceptional leadership that makes it difficult to compete in their sector.  Success is not only about the product or service offered, it’s a direct result of how well managed these companies are in a sluggish economy. Businesses need better executives these days to lead the helm to get us... Read more »

What's really going on in the job market?: Tips from an executive recruiter

I met with Edward Santimauro, Senior Client Partner in the Chicago office of Korn/Ferry International, to get his prospective on the current job market. As a former director of worldwide professional recruitment at the management consultant firm, Hewitt Associates, he’s adept at interviewing job seekers and even gives himself credit for being, “pretty good at... Read more »