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It's Time for a Life Coach: Meet Gail Blanke

Gail Blanke-Life Coach Looking for a job after being downsized or laid-off from IBM, Kraft or Abbott Laboratories?  Seeking new clients for your struggling business?  Is your home worth less than your mortgage?  Are your unemployment benefits finally exhausted and you have no job prospects?   This is the reality of today’s economy where the... Read more »

Why is the Stock Market Going up as Unemployment continues to soar?

Watching the economic strategists on Varney & Company on cable Fox news today as they all indicated that we would not have a double dip recession, I wondered how the stock market could rise over 600 points in the past few weeks with the job report this Friday expected to show at lease 90,000 job... Read more »

Help for recent college graduates: Finding the right career

Frank Schroeder Recent college graduates, do you need help with your job search in this unrelenting economy?   Meet Frank Schroeder, a very tall attractive, well dressed man, who looks like he can take on anything.  Frank is a former Alcoa Aluminum executive, DBM outplacement manager of international operations and an executive search professional. The... Read more »