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Morningstar: The Company That Works!

Morningstar: The Company That Works!
Bevin Desmond I was first introduced to Morningstar 12 years ago when I was in executive search.  They were then located in a bright, airy loft-like space on Franklin & Wacker. Impressed with the structure of the company, I knew it was something special and it would do very well.  I was struck by the... Read more »

Can't Find Work: Time to Start a New Business?

Can't Find Work: Time to Start a New Business?
With the job market stalled in a stuck position many would be employees are looking at other ways to make money.  The outlook for jobs in 2011 is getting better, yet not keeping pace wth the record number of unemployed workers.  Out of necessity job seekers have been forced to make changes in their lives,... Read more »

(5) Steps to Overcome the Loss of Your Job: Put your ego aside

Charlene Krombeen,LCPC Losing a job is a dreadful experience even if you saw it coming.   Whether it be a large company like IBM or a smaller boutique firm, the sense of fear and loss can be overwhelming, especially in this slow economy where the pace of hiring is anemic.   Before you start an active... Read more »

Running in Circles? Set up your own Advisory Board!

Bess, Ellen & Terri at an event Many times in our career we are our own worst enemy.  Driven by fear, frustration and impatience, we spin in circles trying to make something happen in our career and job search or transition.   We become so overwhelmed by our need to make money and to become... Read more »

Chicago Corporations support Gay Pride: Photos of the parade

WGN-TV at the Gay Pride parade It was a big day for gay pride as Chicago employees of local businesses, Sara Lee, Bank of America, WGN-TV, ComEd, CTA, Illinois Lottery, Columbia College and many others joined in the Gay Pride parade proudly representing their company’s support of gay rights. All looked happy to have jobs,... Read more »