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The History of St. Patrick’s Day: Chicago Celebrates

The History of St. Patrick’s Day: Chicago Celebrates
St. Patrick’s Day is an important holiday in towns like Chicago, New York, Boston and Philadelphia, where there is a concentration of people of Irish-descent.  It’s mandatory to celebrate the day and days leading to it by wearing green, eating a corned beef sandwich at the local tavern, drinking a few stouts and marching in... Read more »

Hot, Steamy & Naked: Chicago Summer Coming to an End!

Hot, Steamy & Naked: Chicago Summer Coming to an End!
Lollapalooza is over as is the Chicago Air & Water Show and the Forth of July celebration here in Chicago.  The toned, tanned college kids no longer can be seen playing volley ball on Oak Street Beach in their killer bikinis that I can only remember wearing.  More runners, less sun bathers signal that the... Read more »

Will Rod Blagojevich get a Reality Show?

A reality show for Rod? Rod Blagojevich was found guilty on just one charge yesterday after the jury remained hung on the other charges.  A new trial will ensue as the media circus continues here in Chicago and Blago maintains his innocence.  He has the charisma of a rock star, but is he guilty?  ... Read more »

Chicago Air & Water Show: Was it worth going?

Watching the Chicago Air & Water Show Living a block from Lake Michigan on a short street called Banks is usually calm and far away from the tourists.  Not today with the Chicago Air & Water show in full swing.  The jets have been flying around since Friday scaring my new puppy into his crate... Read more »

Chicago Corporations support Gay Pride: Photos of the parade

WGN-TV at the Gay Pride parade It was a big day for gay pride as Chicago employees of local businesses, Sara Lee, Bank of America, WGN-TV, ComEd, CTA, Illinois Lottery, Columbia College and many others joined in the Gay Pride parade proudly representing their company’s support of gay rights. All looked happy to have jobs,... Read more »