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Waiting for an Offer on a Job? (5) Tips to Make it Work for You

Waiting for an Offer on a Job? (5) Tips to Make it Work for You
We have all gone through the waiting period, where we finally get in for an interview for a job.  We meet with four or five people in the company.  They seem to like us and we are hopeful that we are going to get an offer for the position we applied for.  Then something happens... Read more »

Property Management: A New Career?

In any career transition it’s smart to consider job sectors that are open to hiring job candidates based on their skills, rather than just their experience.  Breaking into some industries such as advertising, media, public relations and even technology can be daunting especially with the high number of job seekers looking for jobs that have... Read more »

More jobs for IT Contract workers: Is business getting better?

IT Recruiter-Todd Harootyan The hiring of temporary IT workers is on the increase! So are IBM, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Chase bank hiring temporary IT employees?  Is our economy really improving? Are there more jobs?   Increased hiring of temporary workers is typically a sign that an economy is getting better.  Economists watch these figures... Read more »