Bye-Bye Job, Hello Paradise!

Bye-Bye Job, Hello Paradise!

I am in paradise, as I now live in Palm Springs, CA and have gone back to a previous career in real estate sales.  This is a move I have been dreaming of since I was eight years old when I fell into a puddle of black ice on a frigid winter day in Chicago. I vowed back then that I would someday leave Chicago for good. And, I just did!

Leaving your hometown and current profession takes guts. It is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and one that will forever change your prospective. Saying good-bye to your prior life, your friends and family to pursue your passion is not for everyone, yet for those who actually do it, it is something they say they would do again.

I am one of those people who not only moved, but changed professions. As a former career consultant, I have advised my readers to look beyond their current city for a job, especially when the unemployment rate was at 9% and many people were unemployed. I suggested they “go where the work was” rather than staying in their hometown.

So how do you finally make that move and transition into a new career and a city with a preferred lifestyle.

Here are some tips for doing it:

  • Get the necessary education and licensing before you make your move. You need to be ready with your new license and/or have the necessary education to compete in your targeted field before you consider leaving your current career and hometown.
  • Do your research on the town you want to move to and spend some time there before you move there. It is very different visiting a town on vacation than actually working there. Make sure to meet some of the locals and ask them what life is like for them in this town.
  • Understand why you are making this move. You should not be running away from issues, but rather to a place and career you want to do. Again, the realty is always different than the planning for a new life, yet if you have identified why you have made this major move, it will help you on the days you question your decision.
  • If you have family (parents, siblings, adult children) make sure to give them plenty of notice as to your plans to move. They may not agree with you, but if you remain committed to your new life and career they may support you. If not, it is your own journey and you deserve to be happy.
  • Believe in yourself. Trust your instinct that this move is the best for you. Know that you have done your research and are committed to the process. Don’t’ let anyone talk you out of it.
  • Know that it is going to take some time to adapt to your new career/job and community. Get out and meet people. Keep a positive attitude and be happy you had the courage to make positive change in your life.

I am two months into my own journey as a Realtor at a Palm Springs real estate company. The learning curve is steep with a new group of co-workers, type of real estate and new routine, yet I am the happiest I have been in years.  Even on my most stressful days, I feel a sense of contentment. A voice within me says, “You did it, you don’t have to fall into anymore black ice in your life!”

And for me, this makes me happy!


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  • Realtor in Palm Springs.....well that sounds like a great job to have now Terri. I was there once, quiet town in the summer time. Home one time fo Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Elvis. Laguna Beach, Ca is also is a nice place to sell homes. So is La Jolla, Ca. Everything about California is nice.

  • BTW Terri, when I win the lottery, I will need a one story house with a pool, four bedrooms, four baths, a cabana house, shaded lanai area, fireplace, dining room, and lot sof tall palm trees around the house. Just keep something in mind when I call on you.

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