What Does your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

What Does your LinkedIn Profile Say About You?

Did you know that most recruiters use LinkedIn as a resource for job candidates? Linkedin has become a major recruiting tool in sourcing candidates for open positions, often before they are posted. You never know who is looking at your LinkedIn profile as most companies search anonymously.

Having a strong profile on Linkedin is a must for everyone who is in the job market. Whether you are actively looking for a new job or not, your profile should always be updated with your current skills and accomplishments. Having a sample of your work and current projects is also important as recruiters mostly are interested in what you have been doing in the past ten years.

So what makes an outstanding Linkedin profile?

Here are (5) tips that will separate you from your colleagues:

  • Make sure you have a professional looking photo of you that represents the industry you are in. If you are an investment banker having a corporate looking photo is important. If you are working at an advertising agency make sure your photo is fun and creative. You should consider hiring a professional photographer to take your headshot as it always looks better than a photo taken on your Iphone. Pictures matter.
  • Take time to write your LI profile as you would your résumé. It is your online résumé and it needs to well-written. If you are not a good writer, hire someone to write it for you. Make sure it is a concise summary of what you have been doing in the past ten years and what your strongest skills are.
  • List your vocation in your descriptive as to what your role is in a specific industry. Search engines on LI pull up the industry and the position so you need to be specific about what you do. For example: Project Construction Manager rather than Project Manager in Construction. The term Project Manager is just too broad as it applies to many industries.
  • Include a video presentation of your work. LinkedIn allows for you to store all of your marketing materials on your profile page for free. Where else can you do this? It’s a wonderful tool, so anything you have that applies to your work gives you an edge on your competition.
  • List your personal contact information to make it easier for a recruiter to reach you. If it is difficult for them to find you they often move on to another potential candidate with the same skill set. I am amazed on how many people on LI are not listing their contact info. We all are so protective of our personal information on LI, yet on Facebook we are open about everything we do from where we travel, who we date and what we ate for dinner last night. Use one of your email addresses for open communication and make sure to check your email frequently.

One more point that is worth noting: In this complicated and competitive international  job market, it is always important to keep your résumé and LinkedIn profile updated, as we are all always “on the market.” If a position is presented to us that is a good career move, you need to be prepared or your dream job may be given to someone else because you weren’t ready. You need to always be ready to move to a new job or transition into a new career.

So as your work load winds down as we enter the holidays, take time to rewrite your LinkedIn profile and résumé as you prepare for the New Year.

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