(5) Tips for Dealing With Your Holiday Job Search

(5) Tips for Dealing With Your Holiday Job Search

With Halloween a distant memory and Walgreen’s displaying their Christmas ornaments, the holidays are upon us as the days tick away faster than we can count. Yes, it is that time of year again where we are sprinting to the year end and when companies start slowing down to focus on their own holidays.

This can be a great time to look for a job as to enjoy your own holidays, knowing you have some potential job opportunities, come January. Yet, you need to really crank up your job search these next four weeks before firms shut-down for the holidays.

Here are (5) helpful tips to make the most out of the searching for a job during the holidays:

  • Focus on sending out your résumé to as many places as possible. This is the time to get your résumé into companies who still have jobs to fill before the end of the year. These jobs have been budgeted for and hiring managers want to fill them, so they can start out the New Year fully staffed.
  • Treat your job hunt like, well a “job.” It is imperative that you make finding a job your main priority. Just keep responding to on-line jobs through LinkedIn, Career Builder and directly to companies who have job postings.
  • You need to keep track of “new” postings on these sites as to get your paperwork in first. It is a fact that the sooner you get your paperwork submitted, the better chance you will get your résumé looked at.  HR people do not have time to look at each and every resume that comes in, so make sure you get yours in early.
  • November and December are great times to network with holiday parties in abundance. Check out all the networking parties that apply to your field and make a point of going to them.  Do not forget calling cards. Most importantly, make sure you get the contact information from those you meet, so you can follow-up with them.
  • Create a 1 minute video that highlights who you are and what you can offer a company. Make it professional, but fun. You can do this with your smart phone and attach to your email on Google.  This will help you think about what really makes you special and to better convey this to a hiring manager.

To ease the stress of looking for a full time job in your industry, consider applying for seasonal work at the many retail stores, like Macy’s who may still be looking for people to work during the holidays. It will keep you busy during the season and you will be making extra money rather than eagerly waiting for a phone call.

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