(5) Tips for Dealing with Job Burnout

(5) Tips for Dealing with Job Burnout

Staring at the screen this morning thinking about what I was going to write for this blog, I sensed a feeling of burnout! I have been writing three blogs for the past three years, in addition to selling a documentary and starting a new company. At one time I was posting on the Get Employed! site three to four times a week! I love my readers, but that is a whole lot of content to keep fresh and interesting!

The truth is I do love to blog. I like to help people and to share advice. I wouldn’t be blogging if I didn’t like to coach, write and share, yet after doing it so much for a long period of time, I am beginning to burnout.  Good advice is based on a fresh prospective, correct facts and empathy for my readers. For me, to just post for the sake of posting is not my style.

So, as I take a beat away from blogging for awhile, I wanted to leave you with some advice to deal with your own job burnout.

Here are some tips:

  1. Know when you are burned out. Admit that you are not “feeling it” at the moment and make peace with it. It’s okay to be burned out. It doesn’t mean that you hate what you do and need to find another career. It just means that you need to step back to take a look at what you are doing and whether it still works for you. If you are just plain bored, then you need to assess if you have the stamina and interest in starting a job search for something you may enjoy more.
  1. Don’t quit your job. Burnout leads to bad decisions. Don’t ever quit your job without having a plan or another position. You don’t want to be worrying about how you are going to pay your rent while you are getting over your burnout. Be patient with your current job and know it will not last forever.
  1. Take some time off. This is key to making a decision as to whether you are just burned out, don’t like what you are dong anymore or if you just are tired. Sometimes we just need a change of scenery, some sleep or to splash in the water on a deserted beach to feed our souls, again.
  1. Get your blood work checked. Maybe your blood levels are off which is contributing to your lethargic attitude at work. You could have high or low blood sugar or a low grade infection that is altering your mood, making you feel tired and bored.
  1. Spend more time on your hobby. Hobbies are often our real loves in life. They are something that we love, but often can’t pay the rent with, yet drive our spirit. We can’t all be so lucky to make a living with what we love to do best, but we can spend more time outside of work doing what we love. Make more time to do the things that give you pleasure, whether it working on your car, playing a guitar, or writing a book.

Don’t you feel better already having planned to deal with your burn-out? I know I do. Really, since writing is my passion, just talking about how I can feel better about what I do is helpful. I am going to plan a trip to an island where I can take a deep breath of salty ocean air and snorkel. I will not be taking Malaysian Airlines, because I want to come home alive.

Do what you need to do to get over your burnout and to keep enjoying your life. Take a moment to enjoy the sunsets.

Good-luck! See you on the “other side” of my burnout.


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  • I deal job burnout several different ways in my field......they are....

    - get off the old project, and start a new project......go back to the old project later on.
    - go to trade shows.....see new stuff on the market....
    - scan the internet........look at out of town newspapers, sports stories, look at real estate, see what's on Ebay or Craigslist, see what is on tv this fall........
    - Field Trip......go to job sites, Bull**** with people, have lunch with a beautiful sales lady......
    - vacation........go on a romantic vacation with the beautiful sales lady I met.....okay, that does not happen......all beautiful sales ladies are married......I just drive around and see the mountains, the deserts and the oceans that God created........okay, to tell the truth, I also look at the women at the beach wearing the bikinis.

    Now if you are a Police Officer.....do not relieve your job stress by shooting unarmed people......

    If you are a Doctor, and over worked by doing three operations a day, please put off those future Operations you have planned ........and just play some golf.

    If you are a Comedian, who have a mulit million dollar mansions, making a movie every year, have HBO shows, have a beautiful wife and kids, have over $150 million in the bank, and you feel you are burned out or have stress.......please bend over so I can give you a kick in the ass.

    Okay...I have to get back making money now.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    An interesting prospective Cubstalk, as usual, but clever. Thanks for the comment.

  • Sad Day America........The Twinkies Plant in Schiller Park is closing.......400 jobs gone........

    anyone notice when Twinkies came back on the market, they got smaller with less cream......Hostess cupcakes the same way......

    Now Burger King HQ is relocating to Canada for tax reasons.....

    How do you like this Obama Era so far ?...........

    Illinois is losing jobs left and right......companies moving out of the state..........we have a Governor who promised job growth, but really lost thousands of jobs while in office....and we got the other guy running for office, who is a business owner, that sent jobs over seas and hides his money in off shore accounts to save on taxes........

    meanwhile, all of us are paying into more taxes........so our local police force can drive around in tanks, point automatic weapons and throw grenades at unarmed people who protest against the madness that is going on in our society.

    Wait until the taxes really go up to pay for the pensions of the soon to be retired Teachers, Police, Firemen and other civil servants.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    This is more of a political stance comment, but I agree with you!

  • Just saw an article on these seven American Corporations that each are hiding over $50 Billion in off shore accounts.

    Apple (AAPL, Tech30): $111.3 billion
    General Electric (GE): $110 billion
    Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30): $92.9 billion
    Pfizer (PFE): $69 billion
    Merck (MKGAF): $57.1 billion
    IBM (IBM, Tech30): $52.3 billion
    Johnson & Johnson (JNJ): $50.9 billion

    So if any unemployed job applicant who applied to these companies and were turned down over pay rate, think how you might be paying a higher percentage in taxes then they are.

  • I noticed "Canyons", a hamburger restaurant has closed their doors. All their locations across the country closed up.

    Expect more businesses to close their doors due to the economy....

    Hope & Change..........how do you all like it so far ?

  • In the "More Depressing News for Illinois Workers" department.....news out of Boston is Baxter HQ might be leaving Illinois for Boston, Mass.

  • Thanks for you comments Cubstalk. So Illinois may lose Baxter? Why are the major corporations leaving? Time for a change in business policies in this State and new administration. What's your advice?

  • Before we can tackle a problem, Illinois has to review what went wrong, who were the people involved who messed this state up, what are the options in both the short and long term for solutions, and devise a Master Plan to get Illinois back on track.

    Right now, any short term solution is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Illinois is sinking fast, and the lifeboats are all but gone.

    The main problem with Illinois and corporations is the taxes. We are one of the highest in the Nation when it comes to corporate taxes. California, home to many top corporations are also leaving the state due to taxes. And I have to say California is a better state for corporations then Illinois.

    This is not a local issue but also a National issue. Many corporations are sending their profits to over seas bank accounts. Please see my list above in a earlier comment. Time to end that. If a corporation want to hide their profits, they will need to be punished with high fines and possible prison terms for CFO's & CEO's.

    As for Illinois, we need to look at our strengths and weaknesses when dealing with corporations. There are....

    - First I would organize a committee of local economic scholars who deal with business development. Have them come up with a solution of how to attract large corporate and small businesses into our state that can create jobs.

    - Next, end the corporate state tax for the next 25 years to all new corporations that would move here that have more then 5,000 new Illinois workers working for them in this state. The companies must deal with technology, medicine, financial & manufacturing. If any company moves here and fails to deliver in the number of jobs, no tax break.

    - Offer a list of incentives of any new small business owners, with more than 500 new state employees for permanent jobs, which will also include small business loans and no business state property tax for ten years.

    - Market Illinois as a new corporate hub.

    - Update the transportation system around corporate centers.

    - Attract corporations that can deal with each other in the business field.

    - Encourage existing local HQ corporations with hiring permanent jobs of more then 5,000 Illinois citizens and giving no sate business property tax on their HQ site for the ten years.

    Another problem that local people have to tackle is who are the people we are voting into office. Are they job creators or chasing the jobs away. If the man or woman who was in public office for the last four years did not create any jobs, most likely he/she will not be doing it in the next four years.

    They say when you know people who are out of work for a long time, it is a Recession .....when you are out of work for a long time, it is like a Depression.

    Part of my background is Urban Planning & Design, and I go through towns seeing many problems in their business district alone. The one problem that these small towns have in economic failure is having inexperience politicians who believe they have the knowledge to become the Master Builder and Planner in their community. Just because they wear the "Mayors Hat", does not make them qualified to handle the job as economic developer.

    Some politicians will disregard expert advice and go on making their little development deals that fails only with the politician and developer profiting at the end.

    We saw that with Major Daley (the son) with Chicago. He turned Downtown Chicago into a tourist & shopping playground and running off all the big companies that had jobs with high salaries. Now most of the jobs in the Downtown area has become low paying service industry.

    Getting rid of 25,000 high paying jobs and replacing them with 20,000 min wage jobs is not the way to make a area better.

    To attract major companies in this area, they look at the following issues.....

    - Corporate incentives
    - Education system
    - Crime
    - Political Corruption
    - Transportation system
    - Water out put
    - Local housing affordability

    In all honest, Chicago is on a similar path as Detroit. The city will go bank bankrupt some day in the future due to high property taxes, high city expenses, the city pension fund costs with their civil servants, waste dealing with funds, political corruption, high crime, and the exit of both companies and residents.

    The ones who could be blamed are the people who voted in these politicians who did not care about the state or the town they represent. Just look the current mayor of Chicago. He spends more time on trips then being in the city. He only cares for his own political agenda. The city is lost.


    I am talking about HR people at companies.
    Who hire these people to represent the firm they work at?
    Are these women sleeping with an owner?
    Are they related to the owner?
    They have a resume in front of them, and they do not know simple terms that relates to the business.
    They do not even know when they want to hire someone.

    At some point, I believe I am wasting my time in the interview. This is where I turn the table on the person who is interviewing me.

    Here a few questions that a job seeker should ask a large company / corporation when you know you are not getting the job. Especially when they say they have more people to interview.

    I have a friend who has a relative that is in upper management with your firm, and he says they have high stakes poker games in the after hours on Friday nights, is that true?

    or try this one...

    I am not sure I am willing to work with your firm, a police buddy of mine says the FBI is watching your company. Is there anything I should know about before you want to hire me?

    Employers always want to yank on people chains and only looking to fill up their dead space with wasted interviews.

    Sad that employers do not want to be serious on interviews these days and wasting job seekers time on interviews for job openings that really don't exist.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Cubstalk, you have been on a tirade lately! I do agree with you about the junior HR people who end up in the recruiter role and don't remotely understand the position they are recruiting for which makes it very difficult to get past them unless your resume exactly fits the job requirements. It is a problem. This is why it is tough to get an interview without having an inside contact referral into an organization. The bottom-line is you need to learn how to maneuver in the hiring process to finally get to a hiring manager.

  • it is hard to know the name of the person who is running a department of a company interview. About half of the people I meet on interviews, do not have a business card. Kinda unprofessional on their part, especially when they are big corporations. But they want to know every person you had contact with at a job for the last ten years.

    Then these HR people & Headhunters call my references to see who they are or can they get work from them, and not about me.

    Best way I make money these days is with pass clients and word of mouth.

    So Terri, when you make your first ten million, let me design your dream home.

    Now the bad news..........more layoffs for Illinois........story from the Trib.


  • Interesting note about the job market.

    If you plan to move to an area that has military bases nearby, expect getting paid only min wages and less hours. Here is why that is.

    Corporations have to hire ex-vets and spouses of vets before hiring anyone non-military. And these corporations get federal tax relief if they pay these military people above min wage at 40 hours a week.

    I was told by a few people with hotel experience they make $8 an hour working at a hotel doing part time work under 30 hours. A woman whose husband was in the air force, and had no hotel experience, was getting paid $15 an hour, 40 hours a week, for the same job. The hotel gets federal tax breaks for hiring the military's wife.

    The groundskeeper, was ex military, has a pension, and makes $18 an hour, 40 hours a week. His assistant, no military background, makes $8 an hour, working under 24 hours.

    Something everyone should know.

  • Next story......

    I know a woman who told me she had an interview with a Law Office as a legal assistant (para-legal). They asked for her salary requirements. The law office had her information for 4 days. 15 minutes before the job interview, as she was about to enter their office, the law office called her up and said they are canceling the job interview because she was asking too much money for the job.

    She was asking $750 week in salary. The lawyers only wanted to pay $10 an hour for someone who had 10 years or more with experience.

    Lawyers bill their clients at the min. of $185 per hour for their legal assistants time. And many lawyers bill their clients the lawyer rate for the work that legal assistants do.

  • Terri....have to ask you this question.....

    A woman asked me how far does a company search on a background check dealing with a felony conviction.

    I said maybe five years back.

    Please reply to this question so I can tell her.

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