Freeing Yourself From Unsolicited E-Mails:Unsubscribe Successful

Freeing Yourself From Unsolicited E-Mails:Unsubscribe Successful

I have spent the entire morning unsubscribing from the hundreds of unsolicited e-mails I have been receiving for the past couple of years. At first there were only a few, and then it seems like overnight they began populating my e-mail address, like a virus! More and more emails came into my inbox from unknown sources that I never signed up for. In fact, I rarely have signed up to receive e-mails from anyone, including retailers, yet they just keep on coming.

Everyday I have spent hours deleting emails from someone attempting to sell me something. It has became so stressful and time-consuming that today was my day to spend the morning “unsubscribing” to most of the unsolicited sites that I am bombarded with each and every day. With every hit of the unsubscribe button, I felt an empowerment, as if I had just taken my life back. I will not be bullied anymore by people and businesses that have been abusing me with these unsolicited emails for so many years.

Perhaps it is only symbolic that I feel less abused, yet it is a first step in getting my life organized, so I can focus on what really is important for me to accomplish. Some sites were harder to say good-bye to than others. I was tempted to keep Saks Fashion Fix, Nordstrom’s and Brooks Brothers on board, but realized that every time I received a sales message from them, I would immediately go to their site and start shopping!

These retailer sites were certainly working in giving me a reason to shop, as if I need a reason! I am a great shopper, but I will reserve my shopping for after work hours when I can spend time looking without distracting me from work. Will I miss some “flash sales?” Yes, I am sure I will, yet I will be able to be free from other people who are interfering with my privacy by sending me unsolicited emails.

The good news is that it is easier to unsubscribe from many of the sites I was on than it was in the past. For most sites, it was just the hit of a button with a promise to unsubscribe me. I am hoping within a few weeks to be rid of most of my unsolicited emails. The truth is there will be more, but this time I will stand up to them and unsubscribe immediately rather than waiting for years.

It is time for me to have a healthy relationship with my “inbox” and clear the clutter from my life!

Have you cleared yours lately?


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  • Those unwanted emails are a pain in the neck. Most of these businesses get your email and other personal information by several ways.......and then turn it around to sell it to others.......

    - Banks....they will sell your name & information to those letters of privacy you get in the mail from the banks don't mean s*** !
    - Government ......they love to sell information whoever pass through their doors for various reasons....taxes, wedding certificates, death notices, parking tickets, legal claims, etc......the money the govt. collects from this never shows up on any year ending revenue sheet.
    - Contests.........every time you write out your name for a contest, the people running the contest will use it to sell it off to other people.
    - Realtors........oh the Scum Bags that everyone will come across sometime in their life.........try not give out too much information to these leaches.
    - Morticians.....before these guys have your relative in the ground, they will have your personal information out on various sites to sell.
    - Web Sites you visit.........ip addresses are picked up of places you look time I was looking at a Disney website, then the next three weeks I was bombed with Disney email ads.
    - Buying off the internet.......again, you buy movies, books, shoes, etc from ads, you will get many emails from them later on.
    - Job Postings......again, a person is looking for a job, and the job poster takes your name & information and sells it to others...all kinds of emails come to your email address that you use for only job connections.

    I am just trying to figure out who is sending me those Viagra ads and Meet Hot Looking Women ads to my job email address................I don't need Viagra.....and all the Hot Looking Women are married in life.............what I need is another home design project........anyone out there want to build a beach home in the Destin Florida area?

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Thanks, Cubstalk for your comments. In between cynicism and humor are some truisms in your remarks that I agree with. And, yes, hot looking women are usually married!

  • Terri.....don't take that Realtor remark personal.......not all Realtors are like that.....I know a few nice ones.

    But I can tell you a story about a few I knew. It would make a great book. Even John Grisham would lick his chops to hear the ending.

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