Winners Don’t Give-Up

Winners Don’t Give-Up

Reading the articles on some people lately who have become successful in their careers, I noticed the common thread of all of them was their passion for what they did and believed in. They would not stop until they reached their goals. It didn’t matter if the job market was slow or there were too many doing what they loved best, they just forged ahead with focus and kept going, until they achieved their dreams.

Success is not built overnight and everyone I mean everyone has had setbacks. It is how you deal with these hurdles that make you stronger and better positioned to succeed. The common element for success is tenacity and learning from your mistakes.

Personally, it has been five years since I had an original idea for a reality show and met with the tony L.A. talent agency, CAA. They loathed all of my ideas and almost kicked me out of the conference room when I inadvertently touched the arm of one of the executive’s! Also, my original partnership in packaging shows was a nightmare of false starts and mis-communication that ended badly.

Yet, I kept on developing new shows, shooting video, working with new partners, meeting with TV stations and networking. This has lead to one of my shows being a finalist in the New York TV Film Festival in 2012 and to selling my first documentary in the UK this year. My success took five years and I can’t tell you how many times, I almost just gave up my dream.

I was just so tired of rejection and had lost all my creativity, not to mention making no money for my efforts. My dream was quickly fading as to what I really wanted to do which was to make documentaries and create lifestyle docu-series. I credit my husband who told me not to give up. I was lucky I had him by my side when I almost walked away from my dream.

Not everyone has such a supportive friend, so for those of you reading this article, I will be your cheerleader. I will be your friend and supporter of your dream, for your dream is what leads to a more successful life and career. Do what you love and the money will follow! Ask any of your successful friends if they agree.

Keep focused and don’t let anyone distract you from what you truly want in life. That is the key to success. My contact at CAA would be proud to know that I finally sold a show I believed in. He said, “He knew I would. Maybe not with him, but somewhere.” He was right.


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  • I was reading a story the other day that the "American Dream" is out of reach to most Americans these days...........majority of Americans will be renting in the future, so maybe all those American Slum Landlords will benefit the most in the coming years...........a friend of mine talked how cheap the housing was to live in Florida and they have all that sunshine.....but now complains that his family cannot afford the home insurance cost, car insurance cost, the property tax cost or the high utility rates that he believes are way out of control in Florida.........I told him at least the sunshine is still free.................another person I know went for a job interview with a local grocery chain here in the Chicago area.....Caputo's is hiring people for $9 an hour at their new locations......but Caputo Food wants you to work for them "Free" for the first 40 hours......if they like you, they will keep you then......Slave Labor is still alive and well in this country................I worked on a very large house design the other day....the Architect did not hire me in the beginning.....I was too expensive to his budget......the home is over $3.5 million...........but he came across many design mistakes from the people that he hired......he wanted me to "fix" 2 weeks of bad work on the drawings within 2 the end, he asked me where did he go wrong....I told him "when you did not hire me in the beginning and hired cheap help instead".............My Dream in life is finish my various movie screenplays, have money, find a nice woman to marry, and live along the Pacific Coast Highway to watch the sunset................but right now I will settle designing another home for some millionaire just to pick up a quick paycheck to pay my bills.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    It is a great dream you have Cubstalk. PCH is beautiful, finding the "right" woman to share the sunsets with is a plus, having money to support this lifestyle and your writing vocation is a great dream. Keep following it by focusing on you and your goals. You have the strength and conviction within you to make it happen. Keep writing and you will find a way. Really, if it is that important for you, then you will make it happen.

  • For many of us, survival has become the dream. Working part time, minimum wage, multiple jobs, leaves little by way of time and energy to devote to dreams. It becomes really hard to remain positive and upbeat. I have never been what anyone would consider wealthy, so this isn't the whining of a princess who has good and completely fallen off her throne, but rather a person who has spent a lifetime understanding priorites and choices. Now I have no real choices. I cannot consider moving to another locale which might offer better employment opportunity because of obligations here. Homes are not selling, and if they do sell, it is not even for their appropriate (not the inflated) values. Certainly cannot generate enough income to pay living expenses in two places. And what kills is that the situation has become such that I cannot even protect and shield my child. Our financial and career situations have negatively impacted her future, taken away her choices. People accuse me of being arrogant, because I truly believe in my abilities and capabilities. When I was growing up, it was called being self confident, self assured, and was considered desirable for leadership. It appears that what used to be an asset is now a liability as I am not the perfect little corporate zombie, mindlessly following direction. It is such a shame when your dreams become compressed down to avoiding bankruptcy and losing your home. I find it heartening to hear of the success of others, but am concerned that I am not going to be able to hang on long enough to capture that golden ring.

  • In reply to Sue Fitzpatrick:

    Sue, such an honest and thoughtful comment. I totally get what your situation is but there is always a way out to start a better life no matter how dire your situation is. If you can't afford to live in your home, perhaps you should rent it and move to a less expensive location until the home values go up which they will but it is going to take a few more years, I think. If you truly are amasses in debt perhaps, you do need to file for bankruptcy and get a clean slate not laiden with bills that you can not afford. The situation you are in can happen to anyone. We really got hit in this last Recession which was akin to a modern day Depression in my opinion. Every asset we had lost value at the same time while employers laid off people, so no matter how talented you are, you and so many of us were affected by this downturn which is just recovering. I don't know what your vocation is or what your personal situation is, s I can't offer you solid advice except to keep networking and an open mind. Best to you. T

  • Reading Sue's comment made me even angrier at our politicians of what they did to this country...........there is ways we can correct this......

    #1 - Vote in People who can create jobs and keep corporations moving jobs over seas

    #2 - Tax corporations who send jobs over seas, and end all corporate tax benefits..

    #3 - End Foreign Aid on countries who promote sex slavery, have terrorist bases, and does not give rights to women and children.

    #4 - Remove illegals from our country. They broke the law entering America illegally.

    #5 - Press criminal charges on corporations, CEO's and hiring managers who hire illegals.

    #6 - Promote tax incentives to corporations who bring jobs back into America.

    #7 - Go with the FDR Plan....create a massive infrastructure job program for this jobs will always boost the economy.

    #8 - Have a federal funded program that teaches out of work Americans new job skills, and get them into the work force within 30 days.

    #9 - Have incentives for small professional business owners to expand and hire more people.

    #10 - All those who make $25,000 or less a year, will pay no federal taxes.

    #11 - Start a military draft on both American males & females between 18 - 24.......must serve three years......military has any training jobs.

    #12 - Term Limits...............we should not have politicians living off of the taxpayers for 30 years while Americans are struggling........tell them two terms, and let someone else take their job.

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