Tips for Breaking Up With Your Horrible Boss

Tips for Breaking Up With Your Horrible Boss

Most of us have had instances where we are working for a boss who we have conflict with and who doesn’t appreciate the skills we offer.  What might have started as a good working relationship has deteriorated to a point of no return. Communication with our boss is tenuous and the miscommunication is becoming a daily occurrence.

So what do you do if this happens to you?

Here are some useful tips:

  • If your relationship with your boss is becoming a daily struggle it is time to start looking for another job. Your days are numbered at the company if your immediate supervisor doesn’t acknowledge the value you bring to him and his team. Going above your boss is not the path to take either for it will only cause an earlier termination.
  • Contact the HR department and let them know you are having issues with your manager. It is important to have this documented for unemployment claim if you are fired or are forced to quit your job.
  • Be accountable for what you are contributing to the situation. It is rarely a one way street when there are issues at work. There are a myriad of reasons that the relationship with your manager is not working out. Do some soul searching and analyze how you got to this level of miscommunication as not to have it happen again at a new position.
  • If you love the company you work and want to stay, you should search for other departments within the company that may be a better fit for your personality and skill set. But, don’t be surprised if your immediate boss doesn’t give you a good referral.
  • Speak with your boss about the toxic situation and let him know that you acknowledge that it is of a concern for you and ask what he would like to see you do differently to improve the work environment. Keep looking for a new job.
  • Most issues with bosses are personality and ego related and has little to do with your performance which makes it nearly impossible to resolve because it is a personal issue. Because of this, you should actively start looking for a new position outside of the company while you are still employed.
  • Don’t ever say anything bad about your boss when interviewing for a new job.

The bottom-line when working for a boss who repeatedly criticizes your performance is that you need to move-on. Dust off that résumé, update it with your current skills and achievements and start searching for another opportunity. Divorcing your boss is a lot like divorcing your mate; it is messy, and can be expensive and painful. Rarely can you change how someone thinks about you. Be prepared and look for a position where you are appreciated for what you offer.


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  • I have been working since 1982, I had about three jobs that ended in not so good of a way.....

    One job I worked for Engineers doing road projects for about three years. My original boss, vice president, left the firm due to heath reasons. The guy who took his place never talked with me. When he did talk with me, he wanted me to cancel my Hawaiian vacation at the last minute to help other project managers to get their jobs out......... way..........everything was paid and I was going to be gone for 21 great days....another senior vice president told me to have a good time, I deserved it.......the new guy left messages everyday on my home phone.....when I came back, all my stuff was in a box at my desk.....the new boss said he was going to fire me but changed his mind....the day was Jan 28 1986...Challenger blew up that day.....he delayed my pay raise for several months, then fired me after a project was finish in late Spring, the same week when both Senior VP's were having medical procedures.....I got a new job two weeks later and both senior VP's wanted me to return when they learned the new guy fired me......but it was time to move on.....

    Next bad ending.....I was a high school teacher one time....for about four years.....I really enjoyed teaching........I lost the job because I did not change grades for three athletes who failed my class...the kids just wanted a free pass because they were football players....and believe they were going to play for the Pros someday ......high school football coach, once a Pro himself, offered me college football tickets to change the kids grades........The African American Principal said I was "Racists" in my grading....I gave the same tests to all the kids....I had many kids (98% of them) who passed my tests........I had about three white kids who also failed, but the Principal did not ask me to change their grades from "F" to "B" like his Black I got a new school job at a new school for the fall, but a week later, the African American Principal called me up after the school year ended and told me he was not going to let me work at any school in the school district.....he was the senior Principal in the district and had lots of new Principal called me up several hours later and took the job back from me...she was "ordered" to do it...she felt bad what happen to me..........I never did return teaching again....and those football players never made it to the pros.....I could write a book about what happen in our schools, and I know no one would believe me what I saw with students and teachers.

    Last job that did not go well at the end was at a design firm...I worked on Donald Trump project and other high end design projects which I liked......the VP of the firm was a real nut job.....guy just exploded on everyone.....he really needed some anger mgmt. courses to deal with his anger.....he was from South Africa (white guy) so I can see why South Africa had problems with race relations....this guy believed Dogs were better then African day there was the monthly office birthday party for employees.....I was not at it due I was on the phone with a later in the day, I went in the conference room to have a piece of cake that was on the was chocolate cake with yellow dough..........the VP comes into the office and sees me having cake.....starts swearing at me.......two other project managers were with him......they just told me the firm lost a major I was suppose to do design work on........client and VP did not get along...the client's contactor told his client to drop our design firm and go with someone the end of the day, the VP fired me for eating cake..........real reason was the firm did not have the project for me that the VP just lost for being an Angry Loud Mouth Arrogant Dick to the client.......and he still has his job with the firm....the two owners get bully by this guy.....a few years later, I found out the design firm got hit by the IRS....they did not pay taxes they took out from paycheck and other employees.

    Everyone has to pay taxes....even businessmen who rob, cheat and steal everyday has to pay taxes.

    I could tell you about all the good jobs I had...good bosses...but that would be boring.

  • Just saw a govt. report how Illinois is ranked at the bottom in creating jobs, future job outlook, taxes, pension short fall..............there are Third World Countries doing better then Illinois.

  • Thanks, Cubstalk for your comments and sharing your bad boss stories. It is amazing how many crazy, abusive people are in management. Also, I agree that Illinois is not doing very well at creating jobs and dealing with reduction of government pensions. What the leaders in Illinois government are proficient at are raising taxes. I fear that more and more people will leave out mismanaged state if these issues are not dealt with in a responsible manner.

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