Famous Failures Lead to Success

Famous Failures Lead to Success

One constant in the lives of successful people is their ability to deal with failures. Instead of being paralyzed by fear when they are defeated they deal with the set backs and move on. If you are not failing at something then you are not setting your dreams high enough. The key to failure is to accept it and to learn.

We have all been told in life that we can’t do something, that we are not qualified or talented. If we listened to the disbelievers, we would never accomplish what we set out to do. Successful people have all had failures, yet they manage to achieve their goals, for they never give up.

Look at some of these famous people who dealt with set-backs and became wildly successful.

  • Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job for “lack of imagination.”
  • Lucille Ball was told by her acting coach that “she was wasting her time and ours.”
  • John F. Kennedy ran for president of his freshman class at Harvard and lost.
  • Steven Spielberg was rejected from film school at the University of Southern California.
  • The Beatles were turned down by Decca Records.
  • Hillary Clinton failed the D.C. bar exam.
  • Oprah Winfrey was fired from her news-hosting job for getting too emotionally involved with her stories.
  • Bill Clinton lost his re-election of Governor of Arkansas.
  • Michael Bloomberg was fired by investment bank Salomon Brothers.
  • Steve Jobs was fired from the Macintosh division of Apple.
  • J.K. Rowling was turned down for her Harry Potter manuscript 12 times

All of these brilliant people were rejected, yet they persevered. They believed in their talent and passion and moved forward when faced with defeat.

This is a lesson for all of us who are attempting to make our mark in the world. Don’t let other people define you. Believe and demonstrate your talents to the right audience and you will be successful!

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