2013 Chicago Gay Pride Parade Celebrates Marriage

This year was my 21st Gay Pride Parade. Once a localized event in Chicago’s Lakeview area, it has turned into a much anticipated event with attendance topping 1,000,000 onlookers this year! Being gay has become mainstream and instead of just watching the event, the fans were celebrating the rights for LGBT.

With the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow same-sex couples to marry in the State’s that support it, it was a major victory for this group, who have wanted to be allowed to be married and supported by federal and state law.

Many of the participants in this well-supported event wore wedding dresses to celebrate. Corporations, the media and politicians walked the streets and waved from decked-out floats. The Gay Pride parade is no longer an option, it is mandatory for these groups to support the cause.

The fans were as colorful as the participants in the parade. Dressed in colors of the rainbow, and hardly dressed, they walked the alleys and Halsted Street in support of their gay friends and celebrating being gay. Resembling Mardi Gras, the celebration went on late into the night.

Congratulations to my LGBT friends on getting the well-deserved respect and acknowledgment you deserve!


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