Would You Do a Reality Show?

Would You Do a Reality Show?

In addition to giving career advice, I am also a producer and packager of reality TV programming. I caught the TV bug about four years ago and have been creating concepts for docu-series, along with my day-job. It is a hobby that I am spending more and more time on, allowing me to use my many years of recruiting experience to find talent for program concepts I create.

First of all, the world of reality TV is a very tough business for those wanting to be on one and for those trying to sell them. It is a miracle that any of them make it to TV and most will not succeed more than one season. The networks quickly axe the show if it doesn’t meet rating expectations. Not enough viewers? No matter what a great concept and how cute you are, the series is gone!

This doesn’t surprise me after having bought media time for ad agencies. What surprises me is how many people are not interested in doing these shows. This is especially true of the twenty-something year olds, who I have tried to recruit for a cute show I created that was nominated a finalist in the NYTV Festival last year. I needed obsessive dog owners with interesting lives in their 20’s for VH-1.

Easy to find, right? No.

I was amazed at just how many people did not want to be on a reality show that had high potential of being on a popular cable network; a show that would truly change their lives and make them a household brand and lead to many opportunities. Most of the people I contacted, just didn’t want their lives exposed.

Always the extrovert myself and not one to ever turn down an opportunity, I was shocked by their lack of interest in appearing on the show. It turned out to be the most difficult recruiting assignment I have had to do to date. Finding a CEO for years ago was simple compared to this assignment. In the end, I never really found the right cast for the show and VH-1 walked.

So, here’s my question. How many of you would throw their hat into the ring if a producer/casting agent asked you if you would consider being in a reality show? Would it be something you would be interested in? Would you passionately pursue it or let the opportunity evaporate?

Can you enlighten me? I just need to know!

Contact me at if you would like to be considered for a future show and have an interesting skill, background, and job and would like to be on-camera to help build your brand.


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  • Yes, if I am the host!
    Or, if it is a competition show where I could use my skills to work toward a goal/prize.

    But, not if it is simply a show about my life where the producers and editors cut it down to shots of me feeding bon bons to my dog with a pink bow on her head. I don't trust producers or editors of reality TV to not make people look like fools no matter how educated, articulate or 'cute' they are.

  • Fern, thanks for your comment. I guess that to want to be on a reality show you need to have a reason and be willing to expose your life. Many of the successful reality stars use the show as a platform to make money, others like the attention and some use the show to get a message across to a TV audience. Doesn't sound like reality TV is for you.

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