Time to Leave Chicago? Tips for Moving for a Job

Time to Leave Chicago? Tips for Moving for a Job


With a slow job recovery job seekers have had to consider moving to secure employment. In a tight job market you need to go to where the jobs are. If you are able to relocate you need to consider widening your job search on a national scale.

Economic recovery is stronger in some areas than where you live. The Illinois unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the nation. The reality is that are more jobs available in other cities. Chicago has become an expensive place to live with high rents, increasing real estate taxes and record breaking gas prices.

Maybe it is time for a change.

Here are some tips on looking for a job out of the Chicago area:

1.) Look for the cities with the lowest unemployment numbers. Many of these are in isolated area, but some are in towns you may want to live.

2.) Identify cities that you like and relate to. Though you may need a job, your quality of life counts, too! You need to look at what the lifestyle is in these cities you may consider relocating to. Check out what the housing market is, weather, schools (if you have children), and the cost to travel out of the city to visit relatives, who may still reside in your home town.

3.) Once you identify a 6-8 cities you would consider moving to check out how strong these cities are in having companies in the field you work.  Target companies in these towns that you would be interested in working at.

4.) Apply at these companies by contacting the HR department directly. Tell them that you are considering a move to this area and ask if they pay for relocation. Chances are, unless you are at the higher level position, they do not.

5.) If you rent an apartment, sign a short-term lease with the ability to sublet. If you get a job elsewhere, sublet to a friend to cover most, if not all of your costs. Apartment rentals are “hot” right now; you should be able to sublet with no problem.

6.) If you own a condo, consider renting it and listing it with a broker. You should be able to break even based on the demand for rentals. Don’t sell your condo until you know for sure you want to live out of state.

7.) Make sure to state both on your résumé and on on-line application that you are willing to relocate. You will have a better chance of getting in for an interview since companies hire for many cities at once.

Most of all, keep an open mind for relocating for a new position. There are many wonderful places to live in the U.S. Perhaps, it is time for a change to rejuvenate your career and your spirit!



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  • If you can't find a job in Chicago, you can't find anywhere else.

    Unemployment is over 24% in states like Florida, California, Nevada.....

    Jobs and great salaries are plenty in Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana.....but the cost of living skyrocket there from it....pay $2500 a month for a 2 bedroom shack to rent.....plus, there is no action in those states......

    Good luck having a New Yorker give a job to a person from Chicago in New York........

    Most educated Americans (especially the one in the IT field) have to compete with the foreign workforce who are willing to work for less......

    Did you know that under Obama administration, corporations are given tax credit for hiring foreign workers instead of Americans!

    Worst thing to happen to you is to move and let a Realtor sell your empty place.....the Realtor will just make you take much less on your property......Sell before you move....and don't rent....many deadbeat renters out there.....and they will just do damage to your place before the Sheriff tosses them out.

    Companies will only consider you if you live in that area......long ago it was different, but now, out a state companies want to see a state driving license before they interview you.....to them, they feel you are a serious candidate if you lived in their state.

    I have a Urban Planning background, and one of the rules of an area that performs poorly in recruiting companies or educated people, is the swinging door policy they have in that market......if you look at an area, look at the ratio of homes and rentals.......a stable community would offer ten times more family homes than rentals, and have a higher educational background rate......companies will not invest in an area that has poor education background, high crime, lack of transportation, high foreclosure rates, corrupt politicians and lack of water resources.

    We can all thank the Illinois politicians for driving many corporations out of the state with the high taxes.

    If Illinois want to get the jobs back, offer corporations to bring their HQ here, plus hiring 5,000 Illinois residents in return for no taxes. To make up the lost tax revenue, raise taxes on "Vice" areas.

    Some say that the stock market is doing well, but wait until the Feds stop feeding the market........our streets will be like what we see over in Europe and the Middle East..........what will kill many of us is the large pensions that will be coming to pay for all these civil servants.....there will be pensions with six figures going to retired civil servants who only had a GED education. Shameful that this happen.

  • Good luck having a New Yorker give a job to a person from Chicago in New York........online adjunct jobs

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