Tips for Dealing with Summer-Fever

Tips for Dealing with Summer-Fever

Summer is quickly approaching with temperatures finally beginning to warm up into the 80’s after a very long winter. We seem to have missed spring and are headed right into summer! I have summer-fever. I don’t really want to work. I am having a difficult time focusing on anything to do with the indoors. I just want to be outside in a café somewhere people watching.

My strong case of summer-fever is certainly interfering with my current projects and insuring that I will not get paid this summer, if I don’t get back into a work mode mentality, soon. I would rather stare at the yellow tulips and occasional red cardinal than meet my deadlines.

I am sure I am not alone in this dilemma. Many of my friends and readers are going through the same process after being home-bound for the last six months, yet most of us just can’t take the time “clock-out.” So what can we do to get our work accomplished and still enjoy our summer?

Here are some tips

• Save some of your vacation time for time off in the summer. It is Chicago’s best time of year, so why not enjoy it?
• Start work early, so you can get out by 4pm, if your job allows for it, of course. This will free you up to secure a table outside at your favorite bar or restaurant. Use this time to post on Facebook and Twitter when you are relaxed in the warm sun.
• Focus on the projects that need the most attention, first. Make a plan everyday of what you need to accomplish and stay on schedule. Don’t clutter your brain with social media dialog or other distractions. Stay on cue.
• Make plans for the weekend ahead of time, so you have something to look forward to, so work doesn’t seem like an imposition.
• Don’t start any new projects, unless you absolutely have to for work.
• Buy a book on time-management. Great reading on the beach.
• Get a new look for summer. Try a new haircut or color. It will energize you.
• Don’t take personal calls at work. Make your calls after hours and focus on getting what you need to do, so you can free your time up.

The summer months pass by quickly. Instead of day dreaming about them you need to schedule your time to enjoy every moment and still get what you need accomplished at work. Focus at the task at hand and don’t let distractions get in your way.

See you on the beach!

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