Should Facebook Have a “Don’t Like” Button?

Should Facebook Have a “Don’t Like” Button?

Every day most of us, including me, scan Facebook for postings from our FB friends, quickly responding with our Like button acknowledging the posts we can relate to or to support a friend. It is an easy way to stay in touch with those we follow. With all of our busy lives, it is a convenient way to share information.

But, what if we disagree with one of our friends on an issue and want to quickly respond? Shouldn’t Facebook have a Don’t Like icon?

While in a conversation with a shoe sales person at Bloomingdales’ about both of our addictions to Facebook, he raised this interesting point and said, “Why doesn’t Facebook have a Don’t Like button with a thumbs down icon?” It dawned on me that there should be one of those for us to use when we are in a hurry and have no time to make a comment.

Why isn’t there a Don’t Like icon on Facebook? Certainly, many users get personal and are controversial in their stance on issues. Right now, all we can do is comment if we disagree with what they are posting, Maybe we should have a Don’t Like button to use for a prompt response, without a time commitment.

Potential advertisers look at the number of “Likes” a brand has, using this as a guideline for building an audience. But, what about the “Don’t Likes?” Wouldn’t this give them a more accurate assessment of what people are really thinking? Wouldn’t it lead to better market research?

Facebook is all about soliciting an audience and building a brand. By having a “Don’t Like” button it would help us know who our real friends are and who is not a fan of our dialog. It seems that it would be useful in attaining more accurate information on your brand?

Too much information? I am not sure. What do you think?

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