Tips for Negotiating an Employment Package

Tips for Negotiating an Employment Package

The multiple interviews you have had with hiring managers and potential co-workers go on for months and then one day the phone rings and it’s the hiring manager or someone from the human resource department calling you with a job offer.

It has been a long process and you are excited about the job which is now becoming a reality now that you have an offer. Now what? This is where you need to be ready, so you are assured you get what you need in your next job.

Here are some tips for negotiating an employment package:

1.)    Make sure you get your offer in writing. This can be a simple Letter of Agreement or a contract form, but you need to have the basics covered for your employment before you agree to anything. This letter will most likely come from the hiring manager who you will work for.

2.)    Once you have a LOA make sure you have at least three days to make a decision and time to consult with the an employment attorney to make sure your rights are protected.  Companies will protect themselves, so you need to protect you.

3.)    If the salary and benefits are not what you expected, you need to respond with a counter offer that better suits your needs. You have one go at this, so think it through and be realistic about what your value is to the company and whether you are willing to walk away from this potential job if you can’t come to an agreement with the company.

4.)    Once you have agreed to the offer, make sure you leave yourself with enough time between jobs to take a short break to rejuvenate yourself. Companies like you to start right away, but you need to make the timing work for you and get a break between positions.

5.)    Don’t agree to a contract longer than two years.  I prefer a one year agreement. You never know what you are walking into at a company, until you are there for awhile and though it may seem like a fit now, it may not be. You don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract. I think it is better to walk away from a sign-on bonus then to sign a long term contract. If it doesn’t work out you will need to pay back that money.


.Negotiating your employment contract is important and can define your future with a company, so pay attention and do it right!


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  • Under the category of "Wasted Time".....

    A person I know went to a interview with a local county govt. agency. They had four county senior administrators interview this person for two hours for this highly skilled job. The county employees also had over three other dozen people for the same job to interview.

    The position was also discussed at county board meetings with county board members. More time and money spent on this matter.

    At then end, no job was given out.

    So figure out the time and money wasted by this local county department for the time they spent on interviewing all these people.

    Taxpayers money!

    Meanwhile, this same local county govt. wants to raise taxes to cover their budget. Maybe it is time to cut that budget and a few senior administrators from a department that is not doing nothing at all.

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