Construction Jobs Poised for a Come Back

Construction Jobs Poised for a Come Back

Mike Rowe, the host of the reality show, Dirty Jobs, is out of work after 169 episodes and 8 years on the air. This show focused on blue-collar jobs and had a long run on TV. Now that the show is over, Mike Rowe may want to buy a new hard hat and look at working at a construction company or for a developer himself.

Unemployment is down from 7.9% to 7.7% nationally; we have a ways to go before we have enough jobs for those who need work. Yet, there is an upward trend in the housing market. With most of the foreclosures and short sales properties grabbed up, residential developers are beginning to start building.

There are 40% less homes on the market for sale in Chicago than last year at this time. Prices are creeping back up due to the shortage of housing to buy. The stock market is breaking records and people are catching up on their bills. The cost of rentals is way up, so many are looking to buy now while the interest rate is at record lows.

Look around and you will see more construction on buildings, hotels and new residential permits. After four long years of stagnant growth in our economy, the tide is turning. Jobs are still competitive, yet companies are hiring at a more rapid pace than they have in years. This is especially true for the construction industry, where workers are needed.

The coasts always come back first, so look toward the NY, Boston, Las Vegas, Phoenix and LA, Riverside and Miami areas. These were some of the hardest hit areas in the Great Recession and will be the first to recover. People can’t stay away from these places.

The bottom-line is that we have too many marketing and social media specialist graduates. Our economy needs more workers who can build things. Having a Civil Engineering degree is a plus. Carpenters, plumbers, concrete workers, roofers and electricians are needed to deal with the upcoming demand.

So get out there and keep networking with people who can get you into construction companies. LinkedIn has some great groups to join, where you will find many opportunities in the construction industry. Also try  Hit these sites hard and you will find a job.


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  • Vegas has no jobs, plus too many empty homes and empty business space. Same with Phoenix according to most reports.

    Miami has a small building boom, due to the money coming in from South America, but outside of Miami, forget about it. Palm Beach & Broward, both north of Miami have high unemployment, crime and other serious issues for people not moving there. Occupied office space is at a low, which tells allot for other business who want to expand to Florida. If there is no infrastructure business support, then businesses cannot expand in that area.

    California is always strong. Both Boston & NYC are strong due to their location and strong business climate near to them.

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