Twitter Struggles to Attract Small-Business Owners

Twitter Struggles to Attract Small-Business Owners

According to a recent Wallstreet Journal and Vistage international survey, six out of ten small-business owners say they use social media and that it is valuable for their growth. Yet, the popular social media site, Twitter did not fare well among small-business owners with only 3% of the 835 surveyed saying it was valuable. Most felt that Twitter was not the best social media site for their business and were not impressed with it.

My favorite social media site, LinkedIn topped the survey as being the most useful, with 41% of the respondents favoring this site over others. 16% picked YouTube and 14% chose Facebook. Twitter is struggling with its mission to demonstrate its value for small-businesses owners who use the short message format of the site in an attempt to reach potential customers.

Small business owners comprise the bulk of the U.S. Companies and are an important revenue source for many of the top social media sites. Some businesses surveyed have tested these social media sites by placing the same amount of posts on both LinkedIn and Twitter and LinkedIn generated many more measurable factors, such as page views, click-throughs and direct sales than Twitter.

Twitter says their company needs to continue to educate small-business owners on the most effective ways to use their services to get a better return. They contend that they are at the start of these efforts and already have 4.5 million smaller businesses who use their services, yet the rate of return for these businesses, remains to be seen.

The bottom-line is many small-businesses, just don't get the traction needed and can't compete with the larger companies. The Twitter audience has a short attention span and it appears that the user wants to get a bit of news and then move on.  It is difficult to get your company message across using 140 characters.

In my opinion, there is no "quick-fix" when using social media to promote your business. Every site has its benefits and all major social media sites should be used in conjunction with one another to generate the best results. It is complicated and there is much to learn about the consumer behavior on these sites.


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  • Best way to promote your business is past customer experience. If I like the way a business dealt with me, I would promote them to other customers. Now if they are bad in the way they handle business with me, then I will not be recommending them to other customers.

    Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Internet, ipad...........remember the days how we use to look for a business from a phone book that had yellow pages?

    i did notice that Google Earth has little symbols on their street maps of businesses as you travel down a street.

    Small businesses run this country, not the big corporations. If small businesses fail, then this economy fails. Our country economy started on ma & pa shops in small towns and large ones. We do not need big box stores to satisfied our needs. In all truth, big box stores have destroyed many small businesses in this country,

    So if a small business wants to survive, they have to....

    - Service the customer the best way they can.
    - Deal in American products
    - Give out discounts to returning customers who recommend them.
    - Locate their business that can give them the best traffic exposure.
    - Have employees that know what they are doing.

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