Top (5) Attributes Hiring Managers Seek in a Job Candidate

Top (5) Attributes Hiring Managers Seek in a Job Candidate

Every industry and company looks for different skills in their potential hires, yet there are general attributes that companies covet and seek when interviewing potential job candidates.

Below is the Terri Lee Ryan's Top (5) List of these attributes:

  1. The ability to listen well and take direction. This is a skill that hiring managers notice first in an interview. Make sure you listen to the question and answer appropriately. So many job candidates just don’t listen and ramble on about something the hiring manager never asked!
  1. Self assurance, but not arrogance. Employers like individuals who are confident about what they have to offer but never, I mean never, be arrogant. It is a huge turn-off for hiring managers.
  1. Enthusiasm is a sought-after trait that hiring managers look for in job candidates. They like someone who is excited about what they do and the potential contribution they can make to a company. Being upbeat and attentive is a must.
  1. Team Players are always coveted by a company. They like people who they know can “play in the sandbox’ with others and can easily assimilate within the current culture of the company, with very little effort.
  1. Flexibility is a trait that companies value. They need workers who are flexible enough to welcome any needs or changes the company embarks on, without having to deal with a discontented employee.

The name of the game in interviewing is to “step up your game” to get hired, if you believe the company culture is one that you want to be apart of.  Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Would I hire me?” If the answer is no, then you need to get better prepared before you do anymore interviews.


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  • Here is a tip or two for job seekers.......

    #1.....Research the company you are interviewing with before you meet the employer.
    #2......Dress professional. Men, wear suits. Ladies, nice professional outfit, not open button low cut blouses showing your bra and really shirt mini skirts only makes you cheap are going for a job, not for drinks.
    #3.....Ask the Employer is the position you are applying is replacing someone or being created.
    #4......Ask about the company software system.
    #5.......Never ask about benefits or pay unless the company offers you a job.....well paying jobs will list the salary.....if a company does not list the salary, trust me, the pay is below what most companies will offer for that position.
    #6.....Figure out the Transportation cost to the job.....train fares, tollways, parking, how many miles to travel.
    #7.....If a Employer tells you that like to run a credit report on you, tell them doing so hurts your credit them a list of references if they offer you a job.
    #8.....if you walk into an interview, and the employer says that you remind them of their ex, pick up and are not getting hired.
    #9....Employers are not to ask you about your age....but now they are asking what year you graduated from high school or all truth, jobs are discriminating on hiring people over 50 more than ever now.
    #10....ask to see the work area after the interview...if they deny this request, you will not get the job.

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    I mean that the team work is the most important criteria for the hiring managers to choose the right candidate. Since most of the students prefer an egoistic attitude and they just don't tell it frankly. Another criteria is the willingness to work for the company. There must be a curiosity for the candidate to work either.

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