Job Recovery Slated for Second Half of 2013

Job Recovery Slated for Second Half of 2013

According to the majority of economists in a recent USA Today survey, the U.S. economy and job opportunities will pick up later this year as business activity ensues. This is expected to more than offset the federal government cutbacks.

The median estimates of 46 economists predict that after a slow start in 2013. The economy will shift in a higher gear this summer and continue to grow for the remainder of the year. It will be fastest pace of growth in three years and economists anticipate that the U.S. is on the verge of a self-sustaining recovery.

This is great news for job seekers who have been struggling over the past few years. It is expected that an average monthly gain will be 171,000 jobs with the pace picking up later this year. There is hope in the recent dismal job recovery. Economists expect unemployment to drop to 7.5% by years end. Though we still have a way to go before we have a “healthy” economy, we are headed in the right direction.

This prediction is contrary to what the government had anticipated and job growth will still remain sluggish until June as government spending cuts slows growth and the payroll tax increase dampens consumer spending.

Brace yourself for a few more months of pain, but look for our economy to up tick and add jobs at a rapid pace later this year. Watch the stock market trend as it trends upward and may be an indicator of good things to come.

Spend the next couple of months tightening up you job pitch by making sure you have a well prepared résumé that succinctly describes your skills and experience. Use LinkedIn to get your résumé out there and continue to look for job openings in your given industry.

Now, is the time to “ramp up” your job search and get off the side lines. Be prepared and don’t miss this upcoming opportunity.


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  • I know people who being told that they will be hired as soon the company sets their budget..........weeks past...then we are talking about summer..........meanwhile, banks want their mortgage payments, landlords want their money, bill collectors want their money....banks are filing foreclosure notices......etc, etc........

    Back at the White House, President Obama came back playing golf and having another vacation while a federal budget crisis is looming worry for him and his administration.

    Not only or economy is bad, but so are many countries in Europe....Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain.....(The PIGS nations)..all having unemployment over 26%.......their failed economy will affect our system.....

    anyone figure out yet how we pay for the Wars?......raising taxes and budget cutting is the only answer.

    That unemployment number that our country talks about is based on people losing benefits, people taking a second hand job or people giving up looking for work because they are too old to be hired......look at the number of 49 million being on food stamps.....or the increase of homeless people, or the number of people unemployed in this country instead of that unemployment percentage........I saw one out of every three women who leave the military become homeless.......

    JP Morgan letting go 20,000 least now they can understand being unemployed what it will be like to get a letter from the bank saying they want their mortgage payment.

  • In reply to CubsTalk:

    Hi Cubstalk,

    As usual you offer some excellent insight to what is occurring in our current state of government and economy. I know we have many issues, but I do believe that one can not give up. It is time for the underemployed and unemployed to think not as a victim but to become empowered and hit the job market with confidence and composure. This will attract a positive result. Start somewhere and work up in a job. Great talent will be acknowledged.

  • How can this country recover when they are laying off all these govt workers?

    It seems we are in a sink hole which there is no way out.

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