Do You Know WHY People Follow You on Facebook?

Do You Know WHY People Follow You on Facebook?

Social media has taken over our lives in a way we never imagined when the internet became mainstream in 1998. I remember people asking me what they should do with the internet beside use it for searching for information on site like “Ask Jeeves”. This site is long gone and has been replaced by Google, yet the quest continues for us all as to find the most effective way to use the internet to our advantage.

 Facebook and Twitter have been the go-to place for some time now for making “friends” and building an audience for ourselves. Many of us don’t even know why we are vested in these sites, yet we are addicted to our postings and tracking how many people in our network “Like” us. We all love the attention we get for our postings of photos and words of wisdom. It makes us feel great to have an audience compliment and listen to what we have to say, even if we don’t know most of the people in our network!

Social media, or Dashboards, as they say in the data analytics world, is here to stay, yet the way we use these social media tools is changing. Many people are using these social media sites to build their “brand” as a way to gain a solid following of people to support them in their business or fan club that may lead to getting advertisers for their blogs. Last I heard was you needed at least 25,000 hits on your site a month to attract an advertiser.

Most of us don’t even get more than 10 people to view our site on a daily basis. So much of what we do on these social media sites is not making us any money or really building our brand. The online marketing is getting to be such a crowded highway that we are getting lost in the traffic. This trend will continue as the optimization technology becomes more sophisticated as to how to track not just any audience, but one that may be interested in what you have to say or sell.

Online marketing research firms are beginning to understand that it is not enough to have quantitative audience data; we need the qualitative information on the consumer. The question we need to ask ourselves is WHY someone wants to listen to us or to buy our product or service. It is the single most important item that must be addressed to have an effective social media campaign.

That is unless you like to just post photos of yourself looking wonderful or comment on what you ate for dinner last night or that you arrived somewhere cool. Mostly, I don’t care about those things. I just want to attract an audience who will benefit and be entertained by what I am saying or posting. Times are rapidly changing in the social media world and understanding the key to how to use these sites is essential for success. It’s much more complicated than it looks!

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