All I Want for Christmas is a Job!: Tips for Job Hunting During the Holidays

All I Want for Christmas is a Job!: Tips for Job Hunting During the Holidays

With the Holiday season in full gear and year end accounting for most firms; it is a busy time for companies. When you are looking for a job this time of year it can either work against you or in your favor, depending on how you handle the job seeking process.

You can count on the fact that recruiters and hiring managers have more on their plate than they can handle. Yet, many are attempting to secure qualified candidates for open positions before Christmas, which is 27 days from now; not a whole lot of time to get a candidate identified and through the interviewing process, yet still attainable.

So what can you do when you are looking for a job this time of year?

Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Keep on applying for open positions in your area of expertise. Really focus on companies that you can add immediate value and hit the ground running in January. Companies  that are still looking for people this time of year don’t want to lose an entire quarter due to training, so if you apply for positions where you have had solid, current experience, the recruiters will be more likely to call you in for an interview. They don’t have time to consider job candidates without the experience required by the hiring manager.
  • Use LinkedIn to find open positions in your field of work. Join the LinkedIn groups in your industry and apply for the many open jobs that fit your skill set. Keep looking for groups to join; there are many more than you think that can add value to you job search.
  • Consider job openings in other cities. Relocating to a market that has more work is a way to jump start your career and can lead you to growth opportunities. Not everyone can move, but seriously look at this option and broaden your job search to other cities you may have never considered.
  • Keep focused on your job search. Don’t waste time or get distracted by the holidays. This is the time to get interviews set up. If you wait until January you will lose an entire first quarter of potential work. Set aside a few hours a week for Holiday activities.

Job hunting takes focus, perseverance and clarity in thinking. December is a great month to set the stage for a job in January, don’t miss this opportunity and get distracted!

Make yourself an iced coffee and place a candy cane in it, act like an elf and stay tied to your computer applying for job opportunities! Happy Holidays! It will be better next year!


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