Social Media Week- “The Changing Face of Employment”

Social Media Week- “The Changing Face of Employment”

Social Media Week kicks off today around the world.  It will occur simultaneously in Barcelona, Bogotá, Chicago, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Judah, London, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Seoul,  Shanghais, Torino and Vancouver. It brings together area companies, international brands, academic institutions, non-profit groups and governmental agencies to discuss the state of social media and how it can be best to achieve optimum results and build brands.

Keynote speakers include, Brad Keywell, Co-Founder of Groupon, Matt Maloney, Co-Founder of Grubhub, Rick Wion, Director of Social Media at McDonald’s and Chris Kaskie, President of Pitchfork, among others. This is an impressive list of speakers, of which there will be many others available to tackle this important issue of social media and what we do with it.

Chicago has a number of events you should check out for free, but you will need to register at As a hub for many talented social media experts and advertising agencies, Chicago has some of the best panelists in the world here to teach us all how to maximize our time and brand in the “social media world.”

I spoke with Jordan Ho today, Digital Strategist for the Zocalo Group, a marketing agency focused on “word of mouth” and social media data. Zocalo is co-hosting with the Chicago Tribune, a session at DePaul University on Wednesday, September 26 at 12:30, called, “Social Media & the Changing Face of Employment” which is a must-attend for those actively in the job market (which is all of us).

I asked Mr. Ho to give is some tips on how to use social media as part of our branding on-line. Here are  some of his comments which had me laughing, but were so true and something we all need to pay attention to in order to create a more “sellable” on-line profile and attract more viewers.

Here are some of his tips:

  • Don’t say what you are not! Many people say they are “rock stars” and Ninja’s, but are they really? No. If you are not a rock star, than don’t say you are one. It’s become a cliché to use these labels and makes it appear as if you are unprofessional and trivial.
  • If you use humor in your comments on social media sites, make sure it is an honest statement and authentic. People see through someone trying to be funny when they are not. Just be you. If you are funny, people will laugh. Find the right tone on each channel.
  • Figure out what your “voice” is on the social media sites you frequently use. Develop your own message and style. Be conscious of what you say on-line and make sure to manage your presence on the sites you use. Google your name. Do you see the most important information on you in the first three listings? If not, you’ve got to work on getting your brand in place and building your presence on the internet, so it reflects your strengths and talents.

These are just some of the topics that Ho will be discussing on Wednesday. Don’t miss his talk. It will be sure to help you in better positioning yourself on the web, so that potential employers see you at your very best and your talents are clearly visible in the crowded and often confusing social media space.

For more information on this event go to Event. Check out others events happening this week at Social Media Week Chicago.


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