Looking for Free Office Space to Work?

Looking for Free Office Space to Work?

As many of you know who are working virtual, it is difficult sometimes to find a quiet area to do work away from your home that has an internet connection. I like working in Lincoln Park, but my wireless connection doesn’t work well here. I also like working in the lobby of the Public hotel, where there is an internet connection and a place to get coffee. Intended for guests to use, I see many people from the neighborhood who are taking advantage of this work area that are looking to get out of their studio apartments.

When you work alone or are looking for a job, it gets pretty isolating to be alone all day in front of your computer. This only works for the most solitary individuals. Starbucks and Panera Bread have been the primary locations for many who use the internet service connection while sipping a cold coffee. Many spend hours at these places, making it difficult for others to find space.

So where do you go if you are looking for a FREE work space away from home?

I discovered a company called, Loosecubes,  that specializes in negotiating open work space for those registered with their company and booked a head of time. They have spaces they have reserved for their database of people scattered all over the world. And, there are reviews of the experience on the page where you book the time.

Brilliant, I say! I love this model and would urge you to check it out and send me feedback. There’s location on Michigan Ave. just south of the River, in Wicker Park, and a few other locations in the Chicago metro area. Loosescubes is a private, peer-peer workspace sharing community where you can book workspace for FREE.

Some of the offices are cooler than others, so as we are all learning about this exciting new company, please continue to share information on your experience. Check out Loosecubes for your first experience.

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