Has Social Media Taken Over Your Life?

Has Social Media Taken Over Your Life?

What is the first thing you check on your mobile device or computer? Is it your e-mail or your Facebook page? Do you spend time early in the morning thinking about what photos you can take that may interest your Facebook friends or what topic to comment on that may solicit “likes?” Do you take photos, just so you can share them on Facebook?

Has social media taken over your life? It has for many of us that have been addicted to these sites, not only as a way of communicating, but as an obligation. Posting on these sites has become a way of life for us that is addictive in nature, yet seems necessary in order to keep our name out there. The question is who is our audience and why do we care so much about what they think?

Are we selling our services and looking for business in the form of no expense advertising of our brand? Or are we looking to develop our brand through using these sites to reach people we never have met and who may help us by becoming a follower?

I contend in the world of social media that we have too many stars and not enough audience. Most of us are so concerned about building our own database that we neglect to engage in others dialog, unless they are in our close circle of friends, which by the way was how Facebook started. It was meant to be a way for college students to communicate on-line in a protected community.

Since its inception, Facebook has become something very different. It is an open forum to many people who we don’t know, yet allow into our circle of friends. Having more people as Facebook friends has opened up the door for online research companies to study and document our behavior. It has allowed the world to gather personal information we would have never thought of sharing with anyone prior to Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is here to stay. And yes, it has taken over our lives, along with most companies that use it to build their brand. The reason is that it is cheap advertising with a built-in audience. Look how Justin Beiber became an overnight sensation on You Tube, where he was noticed by a top promoter. There is always hope for all of us that we may get “discovered” and that people will fall in love with us.

The addiction to social media continues as we all, including myself, have become a slave to it. I would suggest we all spend less time on it and when we do, have a clear purpose of who we are attempting to appeal to and to evaluate if its worth losing our privacy.


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  • The first thing I do is check my google analytics stats then email. After that it's off to comment on different blogs both here and on my other blog on wordpress. To much time spent on social media. No doubt! But necessary. Nice post!

  • In reply to Tony Carbon:

    Thanks for the comment Tony. Yes, when we have our own or are writing for other blogs, it just adds in the time spent on social media. I wonder sometimes if it is all worth it. You meet many people but how many real connections do you have? Just a whole lot of busy work. Maybe it is time to focus more on the people we know rather than the people we don't. Just saying...

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