Lance Armstrong Loses Tour de France Titles

Lance Armstrong Loses Tour de France Titles

In an unexpected turn in the on-going fight for Lance Armstrong to prove to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency that he was not taking drugs during competition to enhance his performance, ended with Lance being striped of his Olympic medal and the seven Tour de France titles, along with being bared from future competitions.

He effectively dropped his fight for innocence when he declined to enter the USADA’s arbitration process which was his final option to defend himself against these allegations of drug use. He said he was weary of fighting these accusations and that he had submitted hundreds of drug tests that proved his innocence over the years and that the agency was on an “unconstitutional witch hunt.”

It is unknown why Lance Armstrong would have stopped fighting to defend his stance after years of court hearings. Was he just tired of the fighting? And, why now when he only had one more step to go? It doesn’t make sense to me, unless he was guilty and thought it was better to leave some doubt in his fans minds rather than to be officially charged with this crime.

Mr. Armstrong had fought back from cancer when he was first starting his career. He admittedly has given much to those suffering with cancer through his foundation LAF. He has been a light in many lives and a role model who demonstrated that even with cancer, you can achieve great things.

Losing his 2000 game Olympic bronze medal and seven Tour de France titles is a travesty. Yet, the USADA has maintained that he had used drugs that enhanced his performance in these competitions over the years which gave him an unfair advantage over his competitors.

It is always so sad when a person we have admired is not who we think they are. Whether Mr. Armstrong is guilty or not, we will never know. Much like athletes Pete Rose and O.J. Simpson, the question of guilt will always lay heavily on our minds.

I only wish if Mr. Armstrong was innocent that he would have completed the legal process by attending the Arbitration hearings. He had fought all his life to live strong and to compete in this game of life. And now he gives up? This doesn’t sound like the Lance Armstrong I once met and raised money for his foundation.




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