Are You a Caffeine Addict?

Are You a Caffeine Addict?

Meeting a potential client today at Argo Tea, I offered to buy him an iced tea. He said he didn’t drink tea or coffee. When he needed a caffeine fix, of which he said wasn’t often, he drank a Red Bull. I hesitated for a moment when he told me this, thinking that I had been at Starbuck’s twice today for iced coffee and now was holding a black iced tea. Was I really a caffeine addict?

I think I am. Years ago I drank coffee at the office which was common in the 1980’s. No one wanted to make the coffee, but everyone drank it. This was pre-Starbuck’s who most likely had the insight and identified back then that “someone had to make the coffee, why not them?” And there was a big demand for it.  I was in my early 20’s and was already a caffeine addict.

I would drink coffee all day long to help manage my stress level of being a commercial broker on straight commission. I needed to stay awake to make all those cold calls to potential clients. Coffee was my crutch. It seems that it still is after all of these years. Now, I have just added iced tea to the mix!

I tried to quit drinking coffee in my mid-twenties. I thought I would just go cold turkey. How bad could the withdrawal be? Well, it was awful. After a day of no coffee, I started sweating profusely and my stomach ached. I couldn’t believe just how sick I felt. How could I be so ill from not indulging in caffeine drinks?

I was so sick and after a couple of days of pure pain, I went back to my daily coffee ritual. It’s been over twenty years and I don’t dare quit. So, how is that I became a “caffeine addict?”  I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. It doesn’t get me into trouble like being drunk at a bar does or over eating that would lead me to obesity.

I guess there’s a little addict in all of us. It seems if it’s not one thing, it’s something else. Just make sure not to drink too much coffee before an interview and certainly don’t drink a Red Bull!

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