Time to Learn New Skills! Check out these Resources

Time to Learn New Skills! Check out these Resources

With a sluggish economy and lack luster hiring, it appears we are in for a long ride before the job situation improves. The jobs we have had in the past may not be available in the future. It’s time to learn new skills to insure you have as many opportunities as possible to land a job and move forward to a new career.

In other words, its time for CHANGE.

There a number of career choices with courses that can get you moved forward. Here are some areas to look into:

Translation jobs are a growing field. The online Master of Science in translations program at New York University( launched a program last fall that you may want it consider. This school’s noncredit translation certificate program was recently ranked among the top five in theUnited Statesby AltaLang.com, a translation services provider. The courses in Arabic and Spanish are the most popular.

The video gaming industry is a great place to be for those of you who are tech savvy. You should look into the courses that The Learning Annex offers. A popular course here is, “How to Break into the video Gaming Industry.” There are many opportunities in this industry that the course covers and may lead you into this industry.

HofstraUniversity has a new health informatics certificate program that may be something you are interested in. It provides a substantial foundation in information technology and broadens student’s knowledge of the business side of the health care industry IT field. Upon completion of the part-time, one year certificate program, students are capable of pursuing career paths as health information management specialists.

Want to launch your favorite recipe into a business? Check out the National Gourmet Institute, where they offer you the information needed to market your culinary talents and turn it into a business. You could be the next, “Mrs. Fields Cookies.”

It’s time to think differently when looking for a new job or career. Broaden your knowledge of what jobs are available and take the steps needed to get the information you need and the certifications to move forward. Got to keep learning in this “new economy.”

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