Nonprofit Job Listings: Look No Further

Nonprofit Job Listings: Look No Further

There are many nonprofit companies in Chicago that are seeking talented sales, marketing and financial experts from the for profit sector. Yet, sometimes it is difficult to find what companies are seeking these skills. is an excellent site to look for a variety of positions in the Chicagoland,IndianaandWisconsinmarkets.

Founded in 1995, is a full-featured job board for nonprofits and certain government agencies (such as city offices and companies that provide the majority of their services to the nonprofit community) that desire to find staff with community service experience. is always free for job seekers and cost affordable for agencies seeking to post jobs. is open for all job seekers free of charge. The areas of geographic focus include: nonprofit jobs in Illinois, nonprofit jobs in Texas,  Indiana,  Wisconsin and other states. Employers are required to be either a 501(c)(x) nonprofit or public service agency.

The following are Tips for Applying for Jobs as listed on their website:

  • Compose your cover letter in a plain text file, such as Notepad or TextEdit, and save it to your computer. You can then copy and paste relevant parts of this letter into the "application" section of jobs that you apply for. (It also ensures that you will not lose your document!)
  • Keep track of jobs you applied for so you don't accidentally apply multiple times for one job.
  • Make sure the application letter for each job you apply for is personalized and addresses the job requirements of that position.
  • Write a brief customized cover letter for each application you send – why you like the job and mission and why you are qualified and should be considered. Present yourself as a solution to the job requirements. Make sure to check your spelling!!
  • Upload your resume to your account. When you apply online, the employer will be able to upload your resume and view it.
  • Carefully read the “Required” job skills on the job post. Please understand that required items are required.
  • Pay attention to how the employer wants you to apply for the job. Apply online unless the hiring agency tells you otherwise.
  • Save your work! Make sure you save your Candidate Details frequently. This serves as your online resume, and you don't want to lose any of the text while you are completing this section! was created by Lumity staff and is maintained and operated by Lumity which is a nonprofit organization that provides technology and finance services and solutions, and training to Chicagoarea nonprofits. For information about Lumity's technology and finance consulting services, as well as training classes, please go to

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