About.me website is Your Calling Card for Business!

About.me website is Your Calling Card for Business!

Most of us are heavily invested in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these sites have value and can be used to promote our brand to gain access to large communities of people who we would have never met if not for the internet. Yet, keeping up with these sites take a lot of time and effort to effectively manage. Remembering people’s birthdays, uploading photos and commenting on the LinkedIn networking groups has become a daily task for all of us in this busy online world we live in.

So when I came across the about.me site, I wondered if I really needed yet another web site to manage. But as I looked into the site closer, I loved the way it worked and the ease of setting it up. The site is amazing in that it is visually appealing, easy to use, and allows you to add in direct links to your favorite social media sites.

Imagine if you could have clickable links on your business card to your LinkedIn, your resume, your portfolio, client testimonials etc, about.me is exactly like that. It’s your business card online with links to the services that promotes you and your brand.

Recently launched to the public, about me is a site that consolidates users social networking profiles including, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email address and blogs on one site. In addition, it also provides analytics that allow users to track how many people view their profile pages.

Launched in December 2010 by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Timothy Young, the San Francsico-based startup was acquired byAOLwithin four days of the launch. Brad Garlinghouse, President of Consumer Applications,AOL, said, “about.me is more than just the aggregation of social profiles, it allows people to easily express themselves in an increasingly noisy environment full of disparate social experiences.”

The success of about.me, I believe comes from the fact that a true personal brand identity is associated with the.me domain. The site uses a very simple user interface, allowing users to set up their page in a few minutes, backed by strong back-end analytics which make it easy for a user to see how many people viewed their profile pages and which social networks they went on to view from there, thus providing users with deeper insight into how to build and market themselves online.

Using about.me is a must for everyone! It is “one-stop” shopping for those looking for information on who they are and what they do. So, next time rather than providing someone with multiple links to your online accounts, just direct them to your about.me page. Set up your account today!


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