The Hottest Trends in using Mobile Devices

The Hottest Trends in using Mobile Devices


Having attended the Bricks +Mobile conference last week, I am always amazed at the useful information that I gain from the leaders in this up and coming industry. It’s an area that people in technology, retail and technology need to focus in on in their career. Retail mobile buying is growing an impressive rate as consumers turn to their mobile devices for purchases. With technology leading the way with new applications for our mobile devices, it seems that everyone will soon be into this market.

Here are some facts:

  • 35% of the 25-44 year olds say E-mobile is a major factor in their buying.
  • 47% of customers in reviews say they use a mobile device in the store.
  • 53% of consumers say they would let use you their location in exchange for relevant rewards.
  • 66% of consumers use their mobile devices to aid their shopping experience.
  • 37% of the top 500 retailers have mobile sites and 26% have an application.

Arc advertising agency gave a compelling presentation on how a retailer can win their “love” when using a mobile device.  They say that a retailer must welcome their customer, show them around, and help them decide, show expertise quickly, make the transition easy, make it a satisfying buying experience and create loyalty.

This reminds me of twenty years ago when bricks and mortar retailers actually excelled at customer service and helping them make decisions. Most of this is now lost in the stores, except for few that realize that it is better to keep a loyal customer than to market to the universe.

The mobile wallet is the hottest trend in this space. Companies like Google (not a surprise) and Paypal are attempting to find ways to gather all the information you have in your wallet, onto your mobile devices, so all you have to do is to scan in when you are at the store.

I like the idea of the mobile wallet. It makes it easier to shop and not have to carry all those credit cards with us. Most of us use credit cards, instead of cash, anyway! I am pretty sure we will be able to withdraw money from our checking account, too. Some of the obstacles in providing this service in an optimal manner are the lack of a good signal in many store locations and a concern of having all of our secured financial information on a device that could be lost or stolen.

Yet, as technology progresses and addresses these issues, there will be no need for a wallet. Everything will be kept up in the “clouds” ready for us when we want to retrieve the information. Consider getting involved in this industry, it is the path to many new jobs!

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