Stop the Solicitation E-Mails. Please!

Stop the Solicitation E-Mails. Please!

Over the past year, I have been receiving an increased amount of e-mails from people I do not know and companies I do not care about! It seems that marketing experts have been teaching others how to mass market via social media optimization, causing me a huge headache! What a time-waster and an invasion of privacy.

Is it my fault for listing my e-mail on my web-site and LinkedIn page? I put it there, so people who want to conduct business with me can find me, yet all it appears to be attracting are advertisers trying to make me a customer! This insanity must stop before we drown in e-mails from these companies.

I did not mention that I do have an AOL spam filter that has screened out another 100 spam messages over the past two days.  So over the course of the last few days, I have received 150 messages from solicitors! This is way too many for my taste. A huge time-waster, they are using my e-mail address through social media as a free marketing platform.

I spend an hour a day unsubscribing to these sites. Just this morning I received an offer from the Scooter Store for my very own motorized wheelchair! Come on people, I am over 40, but not ready to scoot around on a wheel chair. Do these companies do any research on their potential customers?

Evidently not! We are in difficult economic times with technology more advanced than people know how to use it. But, companies need to get better at targeting their potential buyer, rather than sending out information to everyone they can find on the internet and our mobile devices to tell us their story about what we are selling.

I am becoming overwhelmed with all this unsolicited communication and just want to focus on my own goals. It’s time to lessen the clutter in our lives, so that we can focus on ourselves. Advertisers are you listening to me? Anyone who e-mails me without checking me out first and having something of value to offer me in my life will be deleted and possibly sued!


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  • "Is it my fault for listing my e-mail on my web-site and LinkedIn page?"


    Especially if you have the @ in it. Then robot web crawlers collect your address, and you get more spam. Even people who post on craigslist know that.

    Since you have a website, you should have a "contact us" page with a mail form, not an e-mail address. A long time ago, WLS radio said that's the only way you can contact them.

    As for actual spam, if it originates in the U.S., they should have a "take me off this list" link to comply with the CAN SPAM Act. If they don't, send them a message that you will report them to the FTC for violating section 7704 of the CAN SPAM Act. I did it a couple of times, and my spam is way down. I even get fewer messages that I just won the UN Lottery.

    Other than that, if the e-mails are legitimate networking through Linked-In, as a career coach maybe you ought to reassess the idea of outplacement companies telling people "the only way to get a job is to network."

  • I should also add that the ones for advertisers, like for scooters, usually originate from one advertising company (one had "egg" in its name. If you go to the source, and threaten them with the CAN SPAM Act, you usually can cut off the derivative ones.

  • Thanks, Jack for your comment. Yes, I need to tighten up my public information. But, I do think that networking with others is an important component when seeking employment. Just be selective in who you network with and share information.

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