Don’t Miss the Bricks + Mobile Conference

Don’t Miss the Bricks + Mobile Conference

Remodista is holding its 3rd annual Bricks + Mobile conference in Chicago, April 18th from 1pm-6pm. This popular event attracts some of the most progressive companies and influential leaders in the mobile space in the country. The brain child of Kelly Stickel, Founder of Remodista, it is the premiere event in this space, for everything relating to retail mobile purchasing.

Consumer buying on mobile devices is an ever increasing trend as companies make it easier and safer.  They are developing applications for smart phones and are leading the way in defining how we purchase goods. This method of buying is the next biggest trend in technology that will change how we do business.

Bricks +Mobile is an event you don’t want to miss! Mcommerce is HOT! It’s easy, efficient and convenient. Consumers expect a seamless, speedy mobile experience. Load errors are unacceptable, hard to read small text doesn’t make sense and mobile videos must load quickly and shouldn’t take more than three steps to purchase.

Mobile purchasing makes buying easier in people’s busy lives. It pushes users to buy during last chance and flash sales, along with auctions on eBay. Mobile purchasing is becoming an addictive method of buying which is poised to grow faster than any technology over the past ten years.

These are the facts that last year’s leaders at the conference determined as trends. The 2012 conference promises to be a winner with further exploration of mobile buying trends, new applications, and progressive technology that will define this space. The roster of speakers this year includes another line-up of amazing companies, including: Macy’s, Dyson, Li-Ning and Gilt Groupe (keynote speaker). Companies like: Baker Furniture, Perry Ellis, Pepsi, Mac On-line, Miller Coors, Walgreen’s, Office Max,  and Crate & Barrel will be represented.

The Bricks + Mobile conference is all about meeting and engaging with the right people to stay current in this industry. One if the greatest values of this conference are delivered through face-to-face focused events, with the ability to meet the leaders in this industry. The conference helps facilitate these contacts. It brings together a new global venture with a deep digital commerce experience, alongside established retail brands in different stages of mobile adoption, to hear how companies are using mobility buying in 2012 and beyond.

Informative, progressive and a prime place to meet the leaders in the mobile industry, this is one conference you should consider attending. It will not disappoint. For more information and to register go to here.


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    Thanks, Mony. This is a great conference on mobile transaction for retailers.

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